What I Wore // Exposure

details // dress: urban outfitters, stockings: target, boots: forever21, 
scarf: hco, purse: michael kors

I got this pretty new bag the other day with a gift card I received for Christmas. I'm kind of in love with it! That's the wonderful part of the gift card, you can enjoy gifts well after Christmas; the gift that keeps on giving^_^ 

It's been really rainy lately, so I had to take some pics indoors and it equaled some over exposed photos. you're welcome. On another note, I've been working on a new class I'm going to start teaching for some of our students at church. hooray! I'm loving writing everything up; it really has me wanting to start my book. Yes, I have a dream of someday writing a book. I have so many ideas I have never been able to actually sit down and start. I really love the topic of discipleship though, so we'll see if this sparks the beginnings of it^_^