WEAR ::creme de le creme

details // dress: urban outfitters, tights & belt: h&m, boots: nurture, socks: target, 
cardigan: anthropologie, necklace: gifted, ring: Adrienne's

Ever wondered what I look like after a long day?? Well here you are friends, ha! These are a product of a long, wonderful, extremely rewarding day and Adrienne being in town with a brand new spiffy camera! We got home kinda late and decided to have fun with her new toy ^_^

I had a pretty special mid week: Adrienne came to visit me, we had our very first Spark service, and I found the most delicious cupcake shoppe. It's the little things, really. 

In other news, I still refuse to complete my Hunger Games reading. I'm doing some serious job hunting this weekend. Seeing my sister made me miss my family like whoa. I love my church. I am working on some intensely crazy awesomeness that I will soon share with you. Things are falling into place. I discovered Frankie Magazine and I really want a subscription, but alas I am not made of money. Oh and I really want a new camera and it's taking everything inside of me to not trade mine in. I think that's all. Night friends!