oh you know...

Sometimes I don't feel like writing out the perfect post. Sometimes I just want to write how I think... So for your viewing pleasure, this is what my thoughts sound like...

* I really can't wait to see the Hunger Games movie!!!!
* I really need to finish the third book. I know what you're thinking, weren't you reading those like two months ago?? Does it take you that long to read?! The answer is no, I could've finished it long ago, but alas I have chosen not to. I think I've shared this before, but I don't want to say goodbye to the story or the characters quite yet. Once I finish the book it's all over and they will cease to exist to me. womp womp. Or at least til the movies come out.
* I got tickets to Fort Worth Opera in May from the Mr! He is the best.
* I really can't believe we've been dating for seven years. Sometimes I forget that that's not normal.
* I really like the song "Somebody That I Used to Know" (it's playing)
* I have a prospective job and I reeeeeallyyyyy hope it works out. It was kind of made for me.
* I signed up for my very first craft fair!! I'll have a booth at the Walk the Light Festival in Cedar Hill, TX on March 24th -- in case you're in the area... drop by!
* I've been dreaming up booth designs all day long. I cannot stop.
* Why does it always have to rain on the days when I want to be most productive??
* Why is winter juuust now hitting Texas??
* I feel really lucky to have found a church that truly cares about people.
* I think my boyfriend is so talented. I wish I could say it everyday, but people get annoyed by that stuff.
* I'm happy with my life. Inspite of imperfections, it's so much cooler that I thought it would be.
* I don't like the Pinterest-pandemic.
* I have not pinned in a very very long time.
* I don't like creating something and having someone ask me if I got the idea from Pinterest. No I did not, it came from my very own brain.
* That probably sounded mean. I like people being inspired; I just like when people have their own ideas too^_^
* I've been so inspired as of late.
* I want to redesign the blog. Are you all tired of how much I change things here?? sorries.
* I have to get ready for our youth small group now. Have a sweet Sunday friends!!