a word of encouragement

I see now, what I never could understand when I was a child; how easy it is to give up on your dreams. When you're thrown into the real world, when bills and work become priority and a dream is just that, a dream. I hate that I had to come to this realization, but it's all apart of growing up I guess. It's as if we become adults and feel this need to separate ourselves from our childlike selves, that somehow that way of thinking is holding us back from success.
I'm choosing to hold onto the good of childhood and apply the childlike perspective to my adult self. I don't want to become cold or far removed from dream and whimsy; I want to thrive on those very things. I want my life to mean something. I want my 10 year old self to look at my life and not be able to wait to grow up to do what I'm doing, to be who I've become. 
I know it's not easy and I know sometimes we have to sacrifice, but I've set out to accomplish a goal and if you know me at all, I do what I mean to do. I don't stumble upon my accomplishments, I work so very hard to achieve them. I want the dream and I refuse to settle for anything less. God has set a fire down within my soul and I won't be satisfied until I've reached the top of the mountain, until I've claimed the victory in my life. I don't want to settle for mediocrity. I want the dream and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 
You can accomplish anything and everything you set your heart to. Why would God create such a passion for something within you, if He meant only for you to constantly be in want of it. Do what He's called you to do and don't let go of your dream. When people try and tell you you can't, tell them they must not know your God because He is entirely capable. When people try and rip it from your hands, hold onto it with dear life. Don't let go, don't give up, endure, persevere and you can do anything.