lets make something

I've been in the spring cleaning mood as of late and I thought I'd spruce up a few old pieces and make them a litle more fresh. I took an old frame with one of my favorite photos and made it like new. Here's what you'll need: frame, modpodge, scissors, paper doilies

step one // put a layer of modpodge on one side of the frame. Lay down your paper doilies. Some of them may overlay on each other, just be sure to apply modpodge to any area it's placed. Once they've all been placed, put a thin layer of mod podge on top, to seal the edges.

step two // time to cut! Take your scissors and cut along the edge of the frame; this can be a little tricky, so if you have a box cutter this would be a great time to use it! Cut along the inside next and if you want, leave a few peeking through in the corners like I did!

Super simple and just the freshening up I needed! My little jewelry corner is much brighter now. Hope you are having a lovely week!