A little design

I've mentioned my graphic design shop before and I always like to share little peeks at my creations and also spotlight the lovely bloggers who allow me to design for them. Here are two lovely blogs that I made over recently. The bloggers are such sweet girls and I look forward to reading what they have to share!

Sarah of Simply Dove 

I really really enjoy designing and being able to give life to a dream or thought someone else has. I work on everything from blog buttons to entire blog makeovers! If you're interested in getting some design work done, feel free to email me at Melisaholguin@gmail.com or visit this info page to get more... info, ha!

In other news, I was featured on Savannah's lovely blog, Maie Dae! I just love her and felt so lucky to share tips on staying inspired! You can check it out here!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm spending the majority of my night working with le Mr. at Starbucks; which in turn means, drinking chai, doodling and blogging - best night ever.