seven is the perfect number

Today the Mr. and I will have been together officially for seven years. We were friends before then, but he asked me to be his girlfriend today, seven years ago, after a Rocket Summer concert. It was pretty great. 

I'm really happy that I'm his lady and he remains to be my mr, but more than that I am so happy we're still best friends. It amazes me that after seven years and after we've changed SO much, we've managed to continue to move in the same direction together. This isn't a sappy post about love, but merely a small one of gratitude. I am so very grateful he is in my life and I make it a point everyday to tell him how much he means to me, and visa versa. He is sweet and kind to me; and I want for nothing. I am so lucky and most days he is too. Happy we found eachother!

Now, here are seven photos of our seven years, but not so much of the early ones... mostly because we weren't digital back then, but also mostly because the interweb doesn't need to see 15 year old Melisa (eeep!)


sidenote: my friend Jamilla painted that first image of us; it's my favorite ever!