a simple lunch

I like to have a lot of different flavors when I have my meals, so when creating my lunch I like to have smaller portions of different veggies and fruits - healthy snacks are the yummiest. The Mr. says I eat like a bird. I thought I'd share my lunch from the other day.

1 - 4 Cucumbers A La Mexicana - I always grew up eating cucumbers like this and only realized a few years ago that this is not a normal way to eat them. I like to slice my cucumber, place them atop a plate,  squeeze lime juice over them, pour chili powder and salt, and enjoy! Your life will never be the same again.

5 Cut up some fresh berries for something sweet! I like to add a dash of organic sugar - cause I have a real sweet tooth!

6 - 7 With extra cucumber slices I popped em into some ice cold water to add a little freshness - it's the best. And since I love love lime with pretty much everything, I squeezed a little bit in there too!

Nothing too fancy, but it was yummy. I also ate a sandwich, but forgot to photograph it, oops. Hope you have a lovely week my friends!