I believe there is a silent strength within us all
it lies dormant until it hears us call.
At the sound of my beating heart drum,
the will within me grows & grows.
An eagerness & willingness to fight,
to rise to the challenge
or to fall to my knees
There is something inside that I cannot deny,
a strength & a power
much greater than I.
Like a lion it roars
Like a whisper it's hushed.
It is strong & courageous,
contained & steadfast,
perfectly timed & not ever rushed.
It is silent & strong
and lives within me.
A strength that's contained
that I soon will set free.

I'd like to start sharing some of my poems with you. It's taken me quite some time to get to a place where I feel comfortable doing so. As I'm not a professional writer by any means, I still find so much joy in putting my pen to paper and expressing my heart through words. I thought maybe some of you may enjoy my writings, so I've pushed myself into a slightly uncomfortable place, in the hopes that I will learn to grow and share more of myself. A lesson I think we all can learn; that putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations will sometimes give us courage and strength to go through anything; big or small.