I've been told to grow up, to adjust and to change
but the change so required of me
causes me
to see a change in me
that quite simply
I don't want there
It's a nagging, a groaning, a punch in the face
A reminder each morning that I'm somehow not enough
That the hopes and the dreams I once had won't come true
That the me I once thought I could be
won't do
I am growing, adjusting and changing
Not into the woman the world would like me to be
But into a me that I would be proud of
One who I would look up to and aspire to be
A woman whose strength and potential come together as one
Accomplishing the impossible with grace and a smile
I am more than just me
I am all I can be
I am everything I never was
and all that I hope to become
I am running away
Into a sea of impossibility
Trusting that change has prepared me a way
With boldness and determination I will not only stay
I will grow
I will grow
I will grow
I will become the very best me I can possibly be
This is the truth that I trust and I know

I will change for the good.