I've never been a fan of change.
I like the idea of growing and the excitement of newness.
However, the concept of change is scary; let's just be honest.
This last year has been nothing but change.
I decided to make a list, as I do, to help me figure out this thing called change.

1..... Learn to let go
I think my first instinct is to hold on to the things I know and feel comfortable with. Because those are the things that I feel make me who I am. Changing involves so much of us learning to let go, that I think it's what weighs the heaviest on us. For the most part we like our lives, we like the things that make it ours, and the thought of losing something is never a good feeling. I like to see it as our hands being full - full with a job, a home, friends and routines - change is not just taking those things we hold dearly out of our hands, but rather replacing them with things we will one day cherish even more. 

2..... Embrace the change
You've let the past go, now be bold and move forward. Accept the fact that change is not something happening to you, but for you. Change helps us to grow, mature, and ultimately become the person we dream of being. It's not easy, but things worth having, rarely are. Be someone who is courageous, who seeks out adventure and takes on any challenge with determination. I've always been one to shy away and go with the flow, but recently I find myself wanting for more, understanding that my life is only limited by my unwillingness to change and grow. 

3..... See yourself in a new light
Sometimes I find myself feeling like I'm pretending to be somebody. Like I still feel like I'm a sixteen year old girl, who just wants to hangout with friends and make pretty things, who has trouble speaking up in big crowds and is terribly insecure; but then I remember I've grown up - I'm an adult, someone who has a voice and is confident in who she is! But really, sometimes it's hard to see ourselves as grown up. I like to do this thing, where I stop what I'm doing and remind myself of who I am - it sounds crazy, but it gives me perspective. I do this to the mr sometimes too and he mostly thinks I'm crazy, but appreciates it. It usually goes something like this.... "You're 24 years old, you live in Texas, you bought your very own car and you have a salary, you pay your own bills and every friend you have, you made on your own, you are doing cool things with your life and 15 year old you, would probably look up to you." It's silly, I know! Don't judge me, but it helps. It's good to pause and see yourself for who you really are, today. Sometimes we get caught thinking we're still who we were five years ago, but we've changed so much, grown in ways we didn't realize and become someone we never stopped to even look at. 

4..... Enjoy it
Change is going to happen whether you want it or not, so you might as well take it for what it is and be happy to be a part! Every day is an opportunity and I don't say that to be a cliche, but to truly encourage you (and myself) to not take for granted any moment. They aren't lying, the older you get the faster the years go. Slowing down time isn't an option, so I'm choosing to make the most of the time I have and become the best me I can possibly be. 

Here's to change!  Melisa