starfish crown diy

What girl doesn't like to have hear hair adorned with stars? With Summer beginning to leave us, I thought I'd create a fun accessory to remember the sunshine and trips to the pool! This is a way easy diy and perfect for making that summer dress a little more fun!

supplies: ribbon, hot glue, starfish (I picked mine up at hobby lobby)

1  //  Wrap ribbon around your head to measure the width, add approx. 6-8 inches to the ends so you have enough leftover to tie it in a bow, and cut. 

2  //  Plug your hot glue gun in, once it's heated up, dab a little circle of glue onto your starfish. I did mine on the outside  
of the starfish so you could see the lines still (this side held the glue much better and kept it from creeping into the crevices)

3   //  Have fun positioning your starfish and play with the different sizes. While placing them I started in the middle and went evenly out the sides.

I love how dainty it is & how pretty it looks just hang in out in my room!

xo. Melisa