Simplify: le room

one // I love waking up to photos and things crafted by my own two hands. I will always love that photo of me and the mr. I'm thinking it's time to add a few new photos though. Learn how to make those flowers here.

two // I've enjoyed putting my hands to embroidery and cross stitch; soon I'll be adding some to the shop! I love the simplicity of these little pieces; they're my little treasures.

three // placing little sweet notes from my family and friends is my favorite. It's good to remind yourself that you are indeed loved.

four // one of my favorite Liberty of London pieces; one day I'd love to pass it along to my little girl. I've been collecting doilies for the last 3 years. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I look forward to the future project and all the memories it will hold of special thrifting outings!

five // journals and books will always stay. I just detest getting rid of journals or books; they're just so... special! let's see how many times I can say that word, ha!

six & seven // perfumes are a slight obsession. I associate certain times in my life with different scents - they say it's the one sense that can bring back a memory the fastest. So I like to think of them as bottles of sweet memories past and some not yet made^_^

eight // I love having white space; it's all part of the declutter!

nine // love love this print that the mr got me for my birthday.

ten // the cutest purse ever that Adrienne gifted me.

eleven // transition pieces that still need to find a place to settle. I only have so much room!

twelve // I will always love baby's breath; it's so whimsical and pretty.

thirteen // jewelry and sunnies on collected and thrifted plates. I've been collecting plates for a few years now. Not sure what I'm saving them up for, but I love the idea of each one having it's own story.

fourteen // bringing out my balls of yarn. Fall means knitting and these colors are just perfection.

My space is slowly but surely coming along. These are just peeks; hope you enjoyed. Have you begun to simplify? If so, how is your space looking?? I'd love to see your progress, feel free to leave a link below!

xo. melisa