paint a pumpkin

Currently I don't have my own home, so decorating can get a little tricky, when all you have is a room. I wanted to carve a pumpkin (which I ended up doing as well), but wanted something that would brighten up my room and last longer. I decided to paint some pumpkins and I was so smitten with how they turned out, I had to share!
Supplies // pumpkins (I chose white, so the colors would be true), paint, brushes

1      gather your supplies and get your pumpkins on a surface you don't mind getting a little bit of paint on. 
2      using a pen, outline the pattern you intend on painting. if you're better at free drawing, you go right ahead! i initially tried to tape off the area, but found it tricky since not all the pumpkins were perfectly round.
3/4   start painting! for this pattern I used a black fabric paint that had a point the paint came out of. it kind of worked like a pen, which made painting the lines easier.
5      use the lines that are already there! i used the natural dividers the pumpkin had to paint this one a peach color.
6      all done! super easy and a lot of fun. hope you try it!

if you decide to try this little diy, I'd love to see how it turns out! leave a link below.