string dream catcher diy

This is the next installment of my booth decor. I saw similar pieces in an Anthro window recently and was just smitten. These are super simple to make and create a sort of whimsy to any room, wall, or table!

steps are as follows // grab your supplies which include string (or yarn), cross stitch hoops, & scissors. tie a knot around one of the hoops. proceed to wrap the string from side to side around the hoop. once you feel like you've filled the space, knot the end using a piece of string that's already been wrapped, this will secure it into the piece. all done!

I used these for my booth, but until my next event, they've found a lovely little home in Adrienne's place - I'll share how she styled them soon. 

I also think they would be really great above a bed, if you don't have a headboard, or combined with other pieces to make a baby mobile, or you can use them to hold your earrings! The possibilities are endless.

If you decide to make your own, please leave a link below so we can catch a glimpe and get a few more ideas! Happy crafting!

xo. melisa