12 Days of DIY // hand stamped gift tags

Gift tags are always fun to add a little something extra to your gifts. I thought instead of going with sticker gift tags, I'd go with some I could tie on myself.

   plain gift tags
   handmade stamps (you can see how I made mine here)
   paint pens (optional)

1) Start by finding a nice clean surface you wouldn't mind getting a little bit of stamp paint on. 2) Onc you've prepared your stamps, cover them completely using a stamp pad or paint, and start stamping your gift tags! This is the fun and easy part because you get to be creative and create any pattern or design you'd like 3) At this point, I used paint pens to add a few little details, like gold tops to my mountains. 4) Grab some twine and loop it through the hole at the top of the gift tag; tie it onto your bag or under a bow on a wrapped box!

I love how these little lovelies came out and they add way more personality to my gifts than just a Santa sticker, ha!

If you decide to make your own hand stamped gift tags, I'd love to see what patterns you come up with! Leave a link below and we can all take a peek!

xo. melisa