12 Days of DIY // potpourri pouches

I've always been obsessed with things smelling good... my room, my clothes, my hair, you name it, it should smell good! So I fell in love with these sweet little pouches when I realized I could literally put them anywhere and they would make it smell great! 

   fabric - preferably something thicker
   packets of potpourri - I used apple cider scent
   sewing machine and/or needle & thread
   ribbon/twine (optional)

1) I started by cutting squares from my fabric swatches. You can get creative and make any shape or size you'd like! 2) Flip your fabric inside out so that the nicer side is on the inside, and begin sewing along the edges - leaving enough room to be able to pour the potpourri into the pouch. 3) Flip your pouch inside out so that the fabric that you want shown is now on the outside. Begin to pour the potpourri into the pouch. This part has the potential to get messy, as the potpourri likes to clump. I found it easiest to create a little funnel using a piece of paper; do whatever works for you. 4) Hand sew the remaining opening on the pouch. 5) I used these as little stocking stuffers, so I I purposefully made them different sizes so I could stack them on top of each other, then I used twine and ribbon to tie them all up together!

I wasn't lying y'all, these little guys are in my drawers, my car, even my pillowcases... and they make everything smell wonderfully! And choosing fun fabrics is the best!

These came out so great, I can't wait to make more for friends!! Hope you have fun making some of your own!

xo. melisa