peek at my week

1/2..... I prepared some lovely package filled with lots of Pie N' the Sky goodies to send to a few friends! I love sending mail!

3..... I not only love sending mail, but getting it is the best thing ever! I was so excited when this beautiful ring came in the mail from Moorea Seal. I've worn it everyday this week.

4/5..... I've been stitching quite a bit lately. I have a new project I'm working on for a Christmas present, that hopefully I'll finish in time and I can share with you soon! 

6..... Temperatures have finally been dropping so I've been able to light a few more candles without sweating to death, ha! I love when it's cold and I can get under a blanket, watch a show and light all the candles in my room - there's seriously nothing better. 

7..... I spent most of today working on a really exciting new series for the blog! I can't wait to share it with you because I know you will love it. Mostly because I love it. You'll know full details by next week for sure!

8..... Along with blog work, I've also had quite a bit of shop work... After Renegade, I promised I'd update the shop so I've been trying to get all of the photos ready so I can start posting everything. It's quite the task people. Slowly but surely we'll get there though, and I'm hoping everything will be listed before Christmas!

xp melisa