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I opened up a pinterest account about 3 years ago, but usually just paroused for enjoyment and never actually pinned anything. Mostly because I hated being asked the question, "oh, did you get that from Pinterest?" whenever I would create something. My answer was always a resounding no. I hated that my creativity was now being second guessed because of this site. I loved the inspiration it provided, but felt like it squelched my own personal creativity. I also didn't care for the fact that so many great ideas were being "stolen" because there was no proper linking - so I never really took part in it.

Well, over these past few months I've come around to the idea more. If done correctly, Pinterest can be a really great tool for inspiration and let's just say, I'm on board now. Being inspired by ideas is completely different than taking ideas, and as long as you know the difference, then pin away!

As of late, I've been pinning up a storm. Sometimes during my day I have a free hour and I go a little pinterest crazy! I love creating my little space now and I find it to be quite the stress reliever. I'm such an organizer, so I think it's the best that I can keep all of my things in one place. SO, all of this to say, I have a Pinterest, and now I use it. a lot. 

Pinterest, you win.
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xo. melisa

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