D A Y  3 // 
This day we signed up to volunteer at Dog Town. The "town" was divided into several houses: puppies, middle aged dogs, old timers, small breeds, and dogs with special needs. We were only allowed to pick two houses to work in, so we chose puppies and small breeds. Our day consisted of cleaning out rooms; cleaning up poop, refilling food and water, washing blankets and setting out new toys. Then we got to take the puppies for walks along the trail. We each walked 4 puppies and they loved it! After the walks we got to have some one on one time with two of the puppies - to help them develop social and interaction skills. Needless to say, it was the best.
Once we broke for lunch we got to move onto the small breeds house. We had the opportunity to take Katelyn, a jack russel chihuahua, on her very first "outing". Of course we said yes! She had an issue with her digestive system which required her being held upright for 30 minutes after she ate, and issues with her femur which gave her the cutest little walk. She loved hanging out in our cottage and it was the perfect ending to our wonderful trip!

D A Y  4 //
We hated saying goodbye, but the beautiful drive made it worth it! I can't even explain how beautiful it was and am sad that the pictures do it no justice. We drove out of Utah, through Arizona and then back through Las Vegas. We hit a portion of snow, but the view was always great. I will always remember this trip and if you are even the least bit interested in visiting, you should do it! I promise you won't be disappointed. We're already planning our next trip back!

Thanks so much for letting me share my little adventure with you! 

xo. melisa

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