I saw this diy awhile back on Elsie + Emma's blog and was just smitten! I've been wanting to try it out and with my time off during Spring Break I've had so much fun doing all the crafting I please. 

clay pots
mod podge
lace ribbon 

I used two designs and that was either putting lace along the rim, or setting the trim vertically. simply decide where you'd like your lace to go, use a brush to place a strip of mod podge and then place it on top. the mod podge will dry clear, so no worries there. side note, this will be the last project I make in bed because I poured half my bottle of mod podge ALL OVER my blanket. and then I died. aside from that incident, this was the easiest project ever! (I used this tutorial on ABM as inspiration)

These little beauties will be at my booth this weekend at the Walk The Light Festival. Again, if you're in the area, come say hi! 

Happy Weekend!