when I go away for long periods of time

Sometimes, just sometimes, I have a whole lot going on. It's not an excuse, but it's the truth and I apologize for not being around, for like 10 days. But, now we can play catch up! So here's the last 10 days...

I participated in the Walk The Light Festival and it was wonderful! Such a success! I was so lucky to have sweet friends come out and support Pie N' the Sky. I even made some new friends like AudreyAllie. And there's no way I could have gotten through the whole day without my kind and supportive mr. He was there for all 8 hours! I am so blessed.

I was featured on Arantha's blog! If you want to read about some of my beauty essentials, hop on over here! You can find so many other great posts on beauty and health from Arantha. If you're not already a reader, I suggest you start!!

I reorganized my room! I'll be moving out in the next month or so, so I'm trying to get everything organized and I have gotten rid of SO much stuff! I am planning on doing a full post on this very very soon; and I'll share pictures too, of course.

I took some photos of sweet Nadia who just turned one! She is absolutely adorable and her princess party was the cutest! I just love her family and felt lucky to be a part of her big day!

I kind of feel like this was the most productive week I've had in a real long time; it feels good! Did you have a productive week? Anything new and exciting in your neck of the woods??

I'll be back soon, with like, an actual, real post. 

xo. melisa

footnote: this is my 1000th post! whoa!