new space

new space is a fun new feature that will let me share all of my favorite nooks in my home with you! Hopefully it will inspire you and your space!

This is my nightstand that sits next to my bed. It hold all the essentials for sweet dreams and pleasant mornings! I just love love this space in my room!

vintage 50's table  //  thrifted
lamp + frame  //  marshall's
white fox  //  target, given to me by the mr.
train case  //  used to be my grandmother's
candles  //  target + anthropologie
succulents  //  lowe's + diy 
cd's  //  the beatles albums, given to me by my Dad

Reading through that list I see that this is probably my favorite space because it reminds me of the people I love who've given me such sweet and thoughtful gifts. Do you have treasured things that you've given a special space to in your home? Doesn't it just make your home feel more home-y?? 

xo. melisa