Today was exhausting, beautiful and productive. I woke up early to judge at Fine Arts - was completely moved to tears by a junior high girl who was so nervous to sing that she started to cry - I encouraged her to just do it for fun and we wouldn't judge (just so she could get the experience) - she agreed to do it if her Dad could stand up next to her. He cried the whole time because he was so proud of her. It was great!

I finished up the majority of my packing today as well. I was counting up the number of times I have had to pack up and move my stuff and it totaled to a whopping 12 times! That's just since I graduated high school - so the last 7 years. I detest packing, but I must admit I've gotten pretty good at it. I can't wait for the day when I can have a home and just stay in one place. 

Once the packing got wrapped up, I was able to finish a few more pieces for the Renegade Craft Fair which is NEXT weekend!! What?! That snuck up fast. Again, if you're in the Austin area, come say hi!

I hope your day was just as fun and productive, or I hope it was super relaxing and unproductive, cause that's always great too! 

Happy Weekend! Melisa