ENGAGED :: Month three??

I have somehow managed to go through two months of being engaged and am just now sitting down to write about my experience thus far. I fully intended on keeping an online journal of sorts to be able to catalog this season of my life - something I could go back to years down the road. And already, two months have passed me! But seriously, they just flew by!

So here we are in month three, we've accomplished quite a bit, but still have much to do. My to do lists seem to be ever-growing, but I have yet to reach a freak out moment. Pray it doesn't come! Every bride has told me that they had at least one; some even managed to make it all the way to the wedding day before their break. I'm just hoping mine is quick and painless for all involved. I feel so lucky to have such incredible friends and family to share this moment with. They've each been so helpful and supportive on every decision we've made thus far.

It's so fun planning something so big, like a wedding, with your best friend. This big project has really helped us see, even more, how well we work together. Each of us picking up where the other lacks and working through issues as a team. It's his birthday today in fact. It's crazy to think I've known him for 9 years of his life and through any and every change, we've moved in the same direction. I just love it! I'm realizing more each day, how lucky we are to have found eachother and how truly excited I am to continue spending my life with him.

Our big to do's as of now, are cake, flowers, invites and honeymoon. Once we check those off then we can start having more fun with decorations and such. Which, btw, I have so many fun ideas already and it's killing me not being able to share! 

Any of you remember this part of your engagement?? Any advice for me? I love any helpful tips!

xo. melisa