B E W E L L :: the start of it all

I'm excited to start this new feature focusing on being intentional with our health, called Be Well. Taking care of our bodies is of the upmost importance, and yet more often than not, it seems to take a back burner to the other stuff. This series will help me to focus on taking care of myself and will hopefully be a journey we can take together. I'll share everything from workout tips, healthy recipes, helpful tips, resources and anything else that will help contribute to our well being. 

So lets get started. Since this is a new step we're taking. It's going to require we get things in order. I'm a lister (one who makes lists). It helps me maintain focus to have something I can easily go back to to motivate me. So here's the list of what it's going to take to Be Well.

Hard Work  ::  I enjoy resting. There, I said it. We all do! We wake up early, we go to work, we deal with stressful situations and dang, we rock the mess out of every project our hands touch. So, no, I don't think it's ridiculous that you'd want to lay on the couch for 4 hours after you get home from work. Rest is great, and we'll get to that, but more importantly, moving, working towards something, is even better. Once you determine in your mind that this won't be a terribly comfortable process, the better you'll be for it.

Set High Goals  ::  I'm making a list with a point to make another list, ha! I love lists people. But seriously, set goals for yourself. Maybe it's to lose x amount of weight, or drop to a size ___. Maybe it's just to feel better about yourself, or better emotional health. It may be hard to set a precise goal, but setting one will help you measure your progress. I have a picture of what I want to look like, for me it's mostly toning and feeling stronger, but I'm setting a personal goal to run in a Spartan Race by next Summer. 

Self Confidence  ::  This ones an important one. I think it's important to remember that we're not making ourselves into someone new, as if who we are isn't good enough. We are simply improving upon who we are, taking what we have and using it to it's fullest capacity. You are a fierce woman, capable of doing far beyond what you ever hoped or imagined. You deserve to feel good. If you don't like something about yourself, change it. Whatever makes you feel good and look good, is what you should do. Let this be your mantra, "I'm doing this for me, because I matter." Your health, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual... it matters.

Love What Your Fighting For  ::  Once you set your goals, you'll see that end result in your mind. You have to love the idea of reaching that. If you don't, then when it get's tough, you'll bail. If you love what you're working towards, it'll make getting there completely worth it. And ladies, it'll be worth it.

I'm really excited for this. I've already written down at least 20 posts that I want to share. Please note that I'm no expert, by any means. I'm just a girl who's trying to live a longer and happier life, starting from the root of it all, my own well being. So, if you have some tips, or you want to join in on your blog, leave your link below. We're in this together, so lets encourage one another; we're not alone in this!

xo. melisa