For no particular reason, I've created this wishlist of items I want to add to my home, my wardrobe, and really just my life in general! All of these items are so beautiful, don't you agree? What do you currently have on your wishlist?

1 :: How perfect is this Anthro dress?? I think this would make the perfect bridal shower dress!
2 :: In love love with these Bonnie & Clyde Bonlook glasses. If you're as smitten with these as I am, use the code CHOCO15 and get $15 off your purchase!
3 :: I need this print in our new home. need.
4 :: These Minnetonka Classic Fringe boots are to die for. They're a bit similar to a pair I currently have and love. But over the years I've maybe loved them too much, and may be due for a new pair! These are perfect.
5 :: I'm just a little obsessed with this doily blanket! It's one of those pieces you'll treasure for years.
6 :: This bag from Free People. I die.

I had to pick up Elisha from the airport last night at about 1am. So it's been kind of a rough morning. Parousing the internets for pretty inspiration has helped keep me awake. Hopefully there's a nap coming soon though. 

Happy Monday!  melisa