L E W E D :: invitations (pt. 2)

When it came to our invitations, we knew two things for certain: they had to be special and Elisha was going to design them. I had the idea of creating a "magazine" when we were planning our engagement shoot. I wanted to to be able to tell a story through our photos and really share who we are as a couple. I sent our photographer home with a few Anthropologie / Free People catalogs so she could get a feel for what we wanted our photos to feel like. While gathering them, I thought, "how cool would it be if we created a "catalog" of us?" It seemed a little "look at me and all of my photos", but we figured it was highly likely that our friends and family would want to see them and this way they would have their own copies. I shared the concept with Elisha and he loved it! He totally ran with the idea and created the perfect invitation for us. I love that we were able to share more than one photo with our friends and family, and tell the story of us in the process. The last page is perforated and the envelope comes off, so everything fit like a little package - so perfect. I made the stamp for the return envelope and our beautiful swan stamp is from Native Bear (it has our new address, which I blocked out for obvious reasons) - I just want to stamp everything with it! The beautiful cups featured, were provided by Rosemary Paper Co. As I said, Elisha designed the invites and if you're interested in having him design for you, you can email him here. If you have any other questions about them, feel free to leave a comment below!

Now that our invitations are out and our friends and family get to be fully surprised by the photos; I can share all of our engagement photos on here too! I'll be posting them throughout the next week. 

While getting our invitations all sealed up, it hit me how blessed we are to have such incredible people in our lives. From our talented friends and family contributing to this whole process - photographers, musicians, ministers, crafters and the like - we know some cool people. I'm truly grateful for each of them. I know most people dread writing thank you cards, but I absolutely can't wait to get to them!

xo. melisa