B I T S + P I E C E S :: the honeymoon

Our honeymoon was seriously the most relaxing time of my life. We went to St Lucia and stayed at the Ti Kaye Resort and Spa. It wasn't in the tourist-y area, so we had the benefits of being secluded with our own private beach, which was amazing! As great as it was to be so set apart from the rest of the island, we also thought it might have been nice to be slightly more close to town so we could go on our own adventures, but now we know for next time. 

While we were there we went snorkeling which was so so much fun! Both of us had been once before, but it was fun to get to go together. While we were out on our excursion we saw the hotel where the bachelor was filmed (random), which actually charges $3000 a night for a room. ohemgee. 

The food was delicious and all of the fish was fresh. They had these "local chips", as they called them, which were several vegetables that had been baked and seasoned - which were maybe my favorite snack the whole time we were there. I just wanted to bring back bags of them!

Most of the days were spent on the beach or relaxing in the room - the view was to die for. I kept having to remind myself that this place was actually real. And we had a tiny bird visit us each day. He would just perch on the door for a few minutes and then leave. There's a photo of him up above. We went into Castries one day and did some shopping. It was fun to see the booths that everyone had set up and I even bought a floppy hat while we were out!

Basically it was wonderful and it was hard to leave, but for the most part we were pretty excited to just be home together. It's been a fun few days as we're settling into our new space, unpacking and buying furniture pieces. Most of our two front rooms are set and now we're getting ready to move onto the bedroom. Once we finish a few final touches I'll be sharing the living room with you! 

Elisha and I are currently dreaming of where we should go for our five year anniversary. Any suggestions? Where did you go on your honeymoon??

xo. melisa