M A K E :: statement necklace

I love a good statement necklace! I've been loving tassels this season and have been wanting to find a way to incorporate them into an outfit. I think this simple statement necklace is a the perfect bold, to an otherwise simple, wardrobe. 

S U P P L  I E S   : :  embroidery thread, scissors, chain

E A S Y   A S   1 ,   2 ,   3  
1.) Cut one strand of each thread to approx. 12in. long. 

2.) Fold your embroidery thread in half so the the ends line up. This doesn't have to be perfect, since you'll be trimming at the end.

3.) place the chain in between the folded layers of thread / 4.) Use the 12in. strand that you cut earlier to tie a not across the top. Make sure it's secure and begin to wrap the ends.

5.) Once you have wrapped all the way around, then knot it and cut any loose ends. At this point you can tighten the tassel so it is secure on the chain.

6.) Take your scissors and trim the bottom - you can play with the height and make them really short or keep them long / 7.) Continue steps 1-6 with the remaining three tassels until all of them are on your chain. Remember to order them in descending color so you get an hombre effect!

There are so many variations you could do of this project! You can cover an entire chain with them, add beads in between each one, use all the same color… the possibilities are endless! Leave a comment and tell us what you did!

If diys aren't your gig, but you'd still like a statement necklace, you can purchase one here! You can also see previous diy projects in this glossary or visit my pinterest board! 

xo. melisa