R E C I P E :: tres colores salsa

It's sort of an unspoken rule in our family, that everyone should know how to make salsa. So early on, my mom taught me her recipe and it was actually one of the first things I ever "cooked" on my own. While I've deemed that salsa a family recipe, I am excited to share a different salsa recipe with you today! Elisha loves him some spicy salsa - like pretty stinkin hot! So I created the Tres Colores Salsa which features four types of peppers. Yes, tres means three, but two of the peppers are the same color, so it works. I'll share some tips on how to make it mild - if hot just isn't your thing. So lets get started!

T R E S   C O L O R E S   S  A L S A

3    habanero peppers
3    serrano peppers
2    fresno peppers
5    jalapeño peppers
1    bushel of cilantro
1    tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp salt
1    tomato
1    can of tomato sauce

1.) wash all of your produce. cut the stems off all of your peppers. for less heat, you can pick out some of the seeds. (*make sure not to touch your eyes or face during this part). then cut up your bushel of cilantro - I love cilantro so I usually use all of it, but add as you see fit. cut your tomato in half. 

2.) gather all of your ingredients and pour them into your blender. once all of the solids are in, pour in your tomato sauce. then hit blend. the consistency of this salsa is naturally a little thicker, which we like. if you'd like it less thick, turn your blender to a higher setting or just blend longer. add salt to taste. *if it's still too hot, you can add another can of tomato sauce.

 3.) grab a bag of chips, invite your friends over, turn on your favorite show and enjoy!

Salsa in the Garcia household is an absolute staple! We are constantly stocked. I usually make this salsa when we go over to a friend's house for dinner, or if we're throwing a party. With Superbowl right around the corner, this would make a great side to bring! 

I'm excited to start sharing more recipes with you as I begin to try new ones out myself. Is there any dish you're dying to learn how to make??

xo. melisa