Meet Gretchen

I'd like to formally introduce the newest addition to the Garcia Family; Gretchen! We had our eye on her for awhile and I kept telling Elisha how much I liked her. We had been pretty set on finding a specific breed and were looking forward to having a puppy and seeing her grow up, but when I saw Gretch, it all went out the window. I usually want every dog I meet, so I didn't really press the matter. I went to work Tuesday like normal and text Elisha throughout the whole day... nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I text him that I was on my way home and as I opened the door I couldn't have been more surprised! It was like a dream moment - there she was! Just sitting with Elisha on the couch like that's where she'd always been and always would be - exactly where she belonged. After a few "eeeeps" and cries, I held her in my arms and knew she was meant for our family. The last few days have been so exciting getting to know her personality and seeing how she fits in our little family. She's received hundred of kisses and oodles of cuddles - this girl LOVES the cuddles! I think she likes us and loves to greet us with yips, wiggles and licks! It's the best! 

I still can't believe we have a dog! I'm excited for this new season for Elisha and I. And I really can't believe that he pulled off such a huge surprise - he truly is the best! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! So, without further ado, here are a few photos from Gretch's first night.

My little love - I'm obsessed with her already! I'd like to apologize in advance for the excessive amount of photos you will see of her! But seriously, can you blame me?? She's a doll I tell you!

xo. melisa

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