A W O E :: don't lose heart

I really felt like I needed to send out some encouragement to you beautiful ladies this morning. Sometimes I have some rough days, or weeks, or months, or yes, years! And there's never really anything anyone can say to "make it better", but simply knowing that you're not going through it alone is enough. One of the incredible things that I've come to realize, is that I have been blessed with an incredible community of women. I know that at any given point, no matter the situation, I can find one (or more) friend to talk to. The older I get, the more I realize that not everyone has that. And that breaks my heart. Because as women, however strong we may be (and yes, we are!) we still need someone. We need comfort and we need encouragement and we need to know that we're not the only ones! Ya know? So, I wanted to write you today to say that you are not alone, you're not the only one facing this issue, there isn't something irreversibly wrong with you, you are not the only one feeling this way, you are not too far gone, you can still do it, there is still a plan, there is a way out, and you're going to make it. You may feel broken, or empty, or purposeless, or ugly, or unwanted, or incapable, or unable, but I know that you're whole, made with purpose, beautiful, wanted, capable and more than able of accomplishing big and wonderful things. So don't lose heart my friend. 

I know that my words aren't always the best and it's easy to dismiss just one voice, so I thought I'd collect a variety of different videos and posts that I have found so inspiring! So take a minute and let your heart be full.

Do Your Thing - Spirit and Haven
How Do You Define Yourself - Lizzie Velasquez
On Changing Dreams - Emma Chapman
A Pep Talk - Kid President
Learning As I Go - Always Rooney
Today I'm Old - Wonder Forest

I also find that looking at puppy pictures or listening to a good song, helps me feel good. Chin up.

xo. melisa

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