M A K E :: dog teepee

Gretchen has quickly become the apple of our eye. She is just the sweetest little thing, that sometimes I question if she's even real. Her favorite is cuddling, so she loves being in her fluffy bed with her blanket on top of her. I wanted to make her bed even cozier by adding a sweet little teepee! Because every dog needs a teepee! Alright maybe they don't need it, but they sure do look cute standing inside one.

S U P P L I E S  ::  five wooden dowels 3" 1/2 , one yard of fabric , raffia (or yarn, leather cord, etc.) , needle + thread

1) Begin with three of your wooden dowels. Stand them up and criss cross them as seen in the photo above. At this point you should see how wide your teepee will be. You can adjust accordingly. Take your raffia and wrap it around each dowel, securing it tightly.

2) Add the two remaining dowels as seen in the photo above. You should make an asterisk of sorts. Notice the space between the bottom two dowels is larger; this is where the "entrance" will be. Secure the dowels using the raffia and be sure to wrap it around several times to ensure that they won't budge. 

3) Take your fabric and drape it around. You may want to cut it, and if you do, I would suggest cutting it in the shape of a sailboat (semicircle). I chose not to cut it, because I wanted it to be a bit drapey (that's not a word). Use your needle and thread to stitch across the top opening of the teepee. This will secure your fabric in place.

4) Stick your cushion or dog bed inside and add any embellishments you'd like, to your teepee. I added a little garland we had leftover from our wedding. I think it's a nice little touch.

Now your dog can enjoy her new little home! It's easy to pick up and move around if you need to. And you can have fun choosing a fabric that suits your pup and your home! Obviously, you can modify this for a kitty, which I know all my sweet cat ladies will love!

If you try this out, leave a comment below or tag me on instagram (@pienthesky) so we can all see! 

Thanks! Melisa

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