Best of 2014

This year was unlike any other year. There were new challenges, new friends, new posts and a whole lot of changes. I've always loved blogging and the ability I have to have something tangible to look at, as I look back on my year. Pie N' the Sky was in a bit of a season of change, but that doesn't mean we didn't share some fun posts! Here are a few of my favorites!

I shared photos from our wedding!

 We made a cute ipad pouch.

 I shared this SAY post; which turned out to be one of my favorite posts.

We took out our paint brushes and made some new journals.

 We added some tassel necklaces to our jewelry collection!

 I shared a style post.

 We made some coasters from our instagram photos!

I preached for the first time!

 We personalized some mini leather notebooks.

 I shared a peek at my nightstand.

 We revamped the triangle love diy, with this new notebook diy.

We got Gretchen!!!

 Gretchen got a bath (and looked ridiculously cute).

I learned how to weave!

 photo 000_zps1bfb6c45.jpg
I made these fun copper wall hangings for the Deeply Rooted blog.

Elisha and I celebrated our one year anniversary, I got a new job, I started working on my Master's, our church bought a new building, our friends welcomed their babies into the world, my Dad retired and moved, my sister started a new business venture, my mom came to visit us, we bought a dog, Elisha completed several triathlons and all in all, it was a great year! I love where we are in life. It's not always easy, it's not always perfect, but it's ours and it's something we're building together. I hope you can look back at your year and feel blessed. Love you, friends! Here's to 2015!

xo. mel