I recently partnered with Rocksbox and I received my first subscription box yesterday! I am really happy with the selection that was sent to me. If you're not familiar, you can read more about how it works here. Essentially, you take a questionnaire so that your stylist can get an idea of your personal style and jewelry preferences, then they curate a monthly box for you. Once you receive the box, you can essentially borrow the pieces for a month, send em back for a different selection, or buy the ones they sent you! I don't wear jewelry often, but when I do, I either like something very minimal, or a really great statement piece! I requested only silver pieces and focused on necklaces. You can see what they sent me below.

As a special gift to you, Rocksbox is offering a one month free subscription! All you have to do is enter the code "pientheskyxoxo" when you checkout. If you're not completely sold, try it out and see how you like it! I'm excited to wear these pieces and can't wait to see what they'll send me next! If you have any questions, leave em below! 

xo. melisa