off to renegade!

As mentioned previously, Pie N' the Sky is headed to Renegade in Austin!! I am unbelievably excited to pack up, set up the booth, spend time with my sis & Mr. and meet some of you lovely ladies!! eeeep! If you'd like to see who else will be joining us, you can visit the artist page; it'll look a little like what's below....

I hope you'll be able to make it out and come chat! You better believe I'll be taking oodles and bunches of pictures, so you'll still get a taste of the fun! 

I will be closing up shop online over the weekend, but it will open again, promise! Most likely with new goodies too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Keepin Austin Weird

 I love visiting Adrienne. Mostly because I love her and mostly because I love Austin. This time around we were able to head on over to the first Renegade Craft Fair Winter event! It was lovely as usual and I was able to purchase a few Christmas presents, as well as some goodies for myself of course. I think one of the coolest most weirdest feelings is when I meet blog readers in real life and they actually know who I am. I don't think I will ever get over this feeling; very surreal, but extremely cool. I wish I could meet all of you! 

My sister and I have fallen in love with the fair and are hoping (fingers crossed) that we will be able to have our very own booth next year! eeeep! It'll take a lot of work, but we're looking forward to it^_^ And then maybe I can meet a few more of you?? Yes, I hope so!

Anywhos, here's a few shots I took while on vacay. Yes, that's what I just called it... vacay. Enjoy.

Hope you are having a wonderful start to an even better week! Sending you lots and lots of happy thoughts. Happy Monday!


Weekend Wrap Up

Well well well, It's that time again... Weekend Wrap-Up! And this was definitely an eventful weekend! 
I went to Austin
I got to see my sister and Mom and Stepdad
I went to the Renegade Fair
My Mom bought me some of the prettiest mint plates
I drank delicious lemonade
I had a mini photoshoot with the Sister
I played with cats
I ate delicious McFlurrys
I went on a Scavenger Hunt with our Youth Group
I got to go to dinner with the Mr.

Uh-Ma-Zing weekend!


Hi From Austin

I woke up bright and early and drove to Austin to visit my sister! I'm here now and I absolutely cannot wait to...
** Hangout with my Mom, Stepdad and Sister!
** Take lots of photos!
** Catch up on some blogging, reading and emails!
** Eat cupcakes!
** Go to Renegade!!!
I loved last year's Renegade and as you can see, I simply cannot wait for this year's! Yay! Of course there will be plenty of pictures to come! Hope you're having an amazing Friday! Oh and just as a reminder: you can still sign up for the Sponsor Spot Giveaway below and you can also help me pick me out my new Toms too! K Thanks!