Hand Lettered Envelopes | featuring Tiny Prints

I loooove sending mail, and I especially love sending mail when it contains our Christmas Cards! This year we ordered our Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints and I could not be more in love with how they turned out. They have a cute gold foil trim and I think it's the perfect detail. 

As I'm sure many of you will be sending out your Christmas Cards, I wanted to share some fun ways to hand-letter your envelopes!

Option one is done in watercolor! This is more of a classic Christmas look with green and red colors. I love the little touches of color that the garland design adds to the envelope. I think this would also be really pretty with gold paint on a red envelope!

Option two is more of a minimalist look with both watercolor and pen. I think this design is closest to what I would normally do for our personal cards. I love the simplicity of it!

Option three is even more minimalist and done with a sharpie pen, so anyone can do it! I think this is by far the easiest design, and if you have a lot of cards to mail out, it's perfect for saving time! 

Option four is probably my favorite! I used a gold Sharpie pen to create the branches on the sides and watercolor for the design in the middle. I love all things gold, so this trim was perfection to me! I also loved how well it matched the Gold Foil on our Christmas Card. 

Option five is another watercolor option, but with a fun pop of color! I used a deep red, but it would be fun to use different colors for each person, based on their personality! I loved how these came out - how special would you feel if this was in your mailbox!?

Tiny Prints offers the option of having your return address printed on the back of the envelope, which is just perfect for using up the whole front of the envelope for design! We also got our fun personalized postage here, and opted for the tree pattern for the lining of our envelopes.

I hope these ideas inspire you to hand-letter your envelopes! I'd love to see what you come up with - if you share on social media tag me @pienthesky

Happy Lettering!

This post is in partnership with Tiny Prints.

Preparing for the Holidays | featuring Hallmark

I know, I know... it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and here I am talking about Christmas! Well this post truly covers both. I know how busy and hectic the holidays can get; roadtrips to visit family, Christmas shopping, home decorating, and not to mention all the regular to-do's. So, in an attempt to be better prepared this year, I partnered with Hallmark, to share my short list with you!

1. Relax. Yes, I know this one seems obvious, but let's get real - it is the hardest one to do! Some of the ways I like to unwind are by reading, vegging out on Netflix, taking bubble baths with a LUSH Bath Bomb (yes, please), reading, drinking some tea, or of course by eating chocolate. Because chocolate makes everything better. I found this Crafters & Co. peppermint bark at Hallmark and Elisha and I seriously can't stop eating it - it's like Christmas in your mouth!

2. Start your shopping NOW. As often as I set out to do this, most years I find myself running from store to store, like the two days before Christmas. Be intentional with your time, and it'll allow you to be more thoughtful in your giftgiving. Sometimes ordering online can take longer than expected, so getting a head start will definitely work in your favor. If you need a quick gift idea, I found this sweet sweatered Mug at Hallmark the other day. I bought it for myself, but this would make an easy gift for a friend, teacher, or even as a stocking stuffer!

3. Make a list. Lists always give me the perspective I need. sometimes we feel like we have a million things to do, but if we write them out, we can see that we actually have 20, very reasonable tasks to accomplish. Make a list of to do's and don't forget to make a wishlist too!

4. Create a schedule, and stick to it. As much as I love my lists, I love my planner even more! I wear a lot of hats, as I'm sure you do too, so it is very easy to forget or overplan if I don't write it all out. Be sure to schedule in the big events, but also make certain you write out time to relax, and stick to it! Your well being is important!

You've got this ladies!! And if all else fails, just sit on the couch and sip some tea - I promise, it'll all get done! I shared this short video on YouTube too, if you'd like to take a peek! 

xo. Mel

G I F T G U I D E :: for the ladies

This gift guide is basically my wishlist this year, hehe. I love all things warm and cozy, so yes, I included two sweaters! I've been dreaming of new boots and Glennon's book, so they're at the top of my list! I think every girl would be happy to get perfume and this Cleopatra scent is one of my faves! What's on your wishlist??

xo. melisa

G I F T G U I D E :: for the fellas

I had a few requests to share gift guides, so here's the first one, inspired by husband. Elisha usually requests some sort of electronic, or this year, bicycle equipment/accessories. So, since he usually gets one big gift, it's fun to get a few little things so he still has a few things to open. Plus side is that most of these would work great for stocking stuffers too! Next up will be gifts for her!

xo. melisa

N E W S P A C E :: bedroom nook

Since Elisha was gone this weekend and I had a four day weekend due to Icemageddon, I had a significant amount of free time on my hands. I decided I would revamp our little bedroom space with a little Christmas decor. I love how simple and clean it is - the lights make it so cozy now! I'll share a full bedroom tour once we have more progress, but I will be sharing a peek at our living space tomorrow! Hope y'all are staying warm and safe!

xo. melisa

** I've had a few requests to share crochet patterns, since sharing my beanie post with y'all. I'm currently working on the post and will be sharing soon!

12 Days of DIY // book page gift bow

Remember this diy? Well I decided to make use of those book pages by making this way cute and super easy gift bow!

   book pages
   double sided tape OR hot glue

1)  using the method seen below, fold your paper in half, but slightly askew. Then fold it in half again, remember to make sure that it's not even; the point is to make it look like petals, so you don't want corners to match up. 2) Create the outer petals by placing the pages in a circle, gluing or taping them down as you go along. 3) Begin to layer your petals as you go closer to the middle. (*note: you make want to make some pages small once you get to the middle petals, for added contrast)

I love the sweet look these flowers gave to my gifts! And I love the fact that these book pages didn't go to waste! I think this concept would be great with big pages, to make flowers for wedding or party decor!

Have you all finished your holiday shopping?? I still have one more person on my list to check off! eeeep! 

xo. melisa

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends! I know it's only the eve of Christmas, but today is actually the day when my family celebrates and opens presents. Granted, we wait to open the gifts at midnight. I know it's a little different then some, but it's been working for us^_^ What does your family do? Are you a wait til midnight, or a wake up bright and early Christmas morning? Either way, it's fun to be with family, eat lots of food and see the happiness when they open the gifts you got them; kind of my favorite part! 

I hope you have a really special day, remembering the awesomeness that is Jesus and being surrounded by all those you love. 


A Hue & Hum Christmas

Let me introduce myself, my husband, and our blog to you.  I'm an artist, Hum's a guitarist.  I met (and fell for) Hum when we were awkward teenagers in high school way back before I knew I wanted to be a hue and before he knew he wanted to be a hum.  We got married a couple years after that, and now that we're grown-ups (well, not really) we create art and music for a living.  I (Hue) am the pen and brush (literally) behind the Hue & Hum blog.  I paint for a living and am an aspiring artist.  Hum plays the electric guitar like nobody's business.  He plays in the band Fictionist who, believe it or not, recently got signed to Atlantic Records!... and yes, we were very excited.  

A couple of months ago Hum and I were playing a christmas carol called, "Were You There On that Christmas Night?", ever heard of it?  It's one of our favorites.  We were working on it for a different project, but we had so much fun we thought, "Heck.  We should record our own christmas album!". And so we did.  

Hum oversaw the production of the album.  He recorded guitars in our tiny bathroom at home, layered effects, and made sure everything sounded extra groovy.  I oversaw the album art and production, and it would be easy to argue that I had a little too much fun.  I felt like I was in 3rd grade again, I built a little diorama-like set up with fabric, cardboard, and ugly little plastic glittery snowflakes.  Here is a music video showing the in-process album artwork with the third track from the album, "Angels We Have Heard on High".  Enjoy.

Our blog is a place where I can document our art and music, talk about the creative process, show off our dog, and post ridiculous things because I like to use and abuse the privilege of being able to publish anything I want to on the world wide web.  We'd love to have you follow along with us, just don't say I didn't warn you.  

Thanks so much for sharing with us Caitlin! You all can pick up Hue & Hum Christmas via Hue's etsy shop. AND quess what!?  Here's a giveaway you can all win! Follow Hue & Hum on facebook for a free christmas download! 


The Christmas Tree

So I think it's finally okay to start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies AND putting up the Christmas tree!! Even though I kinda started doing all of that about two weeks ago (shh) Yesterday, Adrienne and I went to target to get her very first Christmas tree and had so so much fun hanging up all of the ornaments. There's something so magical about a Christmas tree all lit up. 

Growing up we always went to Ruidoso to cut down a real tree, which made it even more fun. I also really loved the fresh pine-y smell that it filled the livingroom with^_^ So how about you? Real or fake tree??