My Maverick

Have you ever seen Top Gun? Yeah, me either, ha! Well, it's the Mr's favorite movie and although he has tried to make me watch it on numerous occasion, I just couldn't get into it; not sure why. Point is, Elisha loves loves planes and it's been a childhood dream of his to fly a plane. Today he got to live out that little dream!! As part of his birthweek, I planned for him to go out with our friend, to fly a plane! He was so excited and I loved that I could help make one of his dreams come true; made my day! Here are quite a few shots of the day.

Once the boys got ready for take off, me and Whitney decided to go grab them some lunch, cause we're thoughtful, ha! And we waited anxiously for them to return. He had a blast and I was oh so happy for him. 

I love that I was able to capture this special moment in his life. I also have something else really exciting to share later! Bye!


Home Sweet Apartment: Living Room

I really love cozy living rooms. I think the living room is my most favorite room in all the house, because it's the place where you not only have gatherings with your loved ones, but also the room where you can spend quality time with just another, or where you can watch silly shows by yourself or with a best friend that will share your secrets. I love the living room, so I want it to be warm and inviting, but still fun and clean. I love color and creative/inspiring pieces; I think this collection reflects that. I should also note that all of these items were found via Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Let's begin the tour!
I don't approve of the killing of animals and certainly not for the sake of decor, so this cardboard alternative is just perfection. I know for certain that this couch is my most favorite of all the ones I've come across. I really want to save up for it!
I love these curtains because I'm a fan of warm light {because white light gives me migraines} so this cream color is perfect perfect.
This seems more appropriate for more of a gender neutral look. Maybe a mix of this and the teal??
I think this little collection is a mix of both worlds and I must say I love it! That little side table is too cute! I'd love to try and make a lampshade like that one; it's so pretty.
I looove pillows and throws; which surprisingly, I don't have any in here:( oops! Which one is your favorite? 
Rugs are fun if you want to add a little facelift to your room. I like these because they're not overpowering, but they provide more of an accent. The one on the left is perfect for the Mr. He is ever forgetful, but I suppose it's part of his charm^_^
 This would be for more of an entranceway. I reeeallyy like that chalkboard situation. For my to-do's!
This mint is the perfect accent to the brighter teal couch and it ties in the same look of the leather couch; in other words it's perfect. Don't you just love that birdcage lamp?? It's pretty magical.

That's my dream living room; well, something like that. I really like those colors as well as style. My one thing I can't live without piece: Teal Couch