Five Random Things

1. I'm in love with this DIY and really, any and all things decor related
2. This is my new "mantra" of sorts. I really want to stop living in the 'what if?' mindset
3. I really like twinkly lights and have been debating on whether or not I should hang some up in my room
4. I have been making SO many to do lists it's ridiculous. OH and I'm in search of the perfect planner. If you know of any good ones/cute ones please let me know!
5. In love.

xo. Melisa

Five Random Things

I'm a closet Olsen fan. They're just so pretty and have flawless style.

I would LOVE to have the patience to knit a blanket

I've never actually seen this movie, but i love the styling.
I am in love with this concept! I've already started to work on my 
collection, perhaps I can have one for my special day^_^
Sweetest picture ever.
One of my life goals is to pet a penguin.

Random and wonderful. I hope you all had a productive evening. I just found out I get to go on a dinner date with my Mr. So I'm gonna go get ready.

xo. Melisa

Five Random Things

I think this is quickly becoming one of my favorite weekly posts! I enjoy being able to be random on purpose :)

1. Kittens and/or puppies can usually turn my day around. How can you not be happy when thinking of a tiny baby kitten??

2. I love love to create accessories, but strangely enough I very rarely wear any. Strange? 

3. I've secretly always wanted to be in ballet. It's just so beautiful and they always look so graceful and pretty.

4. I have a strange fascination with eyelashes. They're usually the first thing I notice about people. ha.

5. I cannot wait to find the perfect dress for that special day!

xo. Melisa

Five Random Things

In an effort to get to know each other better I have created a new weekly post. The post will include five random things about myself; things  I wouldn't regularly have reason to say in another post. They will be very random and often have no real purpose, but you'll get to know a bit more about me. Every week if you want to leave a comment with five of your random things, you should, I would enjoy that very much.

1. I cannot wait to make a house a home^_^

 2. I used to live Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

3. I love animals. Even more so if they're dressed.

4. I love socks with heels, but I'm too nervous to do it myself.

5. I think this dress is exquisite and wish I had fancy events to go to, so that I could wear one just like it.
xo. Melisa