W E A R :: brick by brick

details :: top/free people, jeans/hco, boots/sam edelman
Did I mention that I turned 26 this month. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty aprehensive about the whole thing. I generally don't enjoy birthdays much, as it is, but for some reason the idea of 26 seemed so daunting. I think mostly because 25 set a pretty high standard. At 25 I got married, we got an apartment, we got a dog, I got a job that I love, I started graduate school and I struggled/beat the crap out of some obstacles. God was really great at 25. So I was pretty content with sticking to 25 for the rest of my life.
In the last few weeks though, I've started to see myself and the world around me a bit differently. Sure, I'm not just suddenly so much wiser or more mature, but there's been a shift and I think I'm okay with 26. I might even be a little excited about it. God is still God, which means He's still great and He's still going to do some great things.
What was your favorite age??
xo. mel

W E A R :: staying neutral

details :: dress /free people, shoes/sam edelman

dinner dates. snoozing. crafting. photography. blogging. cleaning. organizing. cooking. dog walking. coffee chatting. church. photo editing. bubble tea. dance recital. grad school. waffles. sunshine.

This is basically what my weekend was and it was nothing short of perfect; just what I needed! Hope yours was exactly what you were hoping for!

xo. mel

M A K E :: hexagon notebook

Yes, it's another notebook diy! haha, I love them I tell you! Every season I like to get a large notebook with dividers, to help me manage the different areas of Pie N' the Sky. I shared this Notebook DIY last year, and it has become one of the most repined photos I've shared on Pinterest. I decided to do a similar design with a different shape - hexagons! Because who doesn't love hexagons!? 

My inspiration for this diy was Free People. I love this store and everything they create is magic - I knew if I had a notebook covered with their beautiful work, I would be instantly inspired each time I picked it up. Since I had a lot of extra catalogs stored away, I knew I wanted to use them for this project. So lets get started! 

S U P P L I E S  ::  Free People Catalogs, blank notebook (bought mine at Target), scissors, mod podge, brush, sheet of card stock (not pictured)

1) Cut! You'll need to cut a hexagon shape on your sheet of card stock, This will serve as your stencil so that all of your hexagons are the same size. You can print a hexagon and cut from that, or draw it yourself. I knew the specific size needed for my particular notebook, so I drew it by hand. 

Keep in mind that your hexagons won't fit edge to edge, so you may need to cut some in half. You'll see how I did it in the image below.

2) Organize your hexagons on your notebook cover. This will help you see where you need to place half pieces and where you'll want each image to go.

3) Using your Mod Podge, apply a small amount onto your notebook and place your hexagon shape on top. To ensure that there is no peeling in the future, I applied a bit of extra Mod Podge along the edges of each shape. 

You don't want to apply too much , or your shape will bubble. Apply pressure and push out any air bubbles that do appear. 

4) Let your notebook dry for about 15 minutes. And again, be sure to check for those wrinkles & air bubbles. A light pressure, should push them right out. Then your notebook is ready to be filled with pretty thoughts!

Yep, I'm in love with how this turned out! I can't wait to start dreaming up this new season for Pie N' the Sky! I hope to fine tune some current blog series and add a few, finalize a new blog design feature, offer new graphic design packages, launch a brand new line in the shop, and basically just dream away. This notebook will hold so much magic in these next few months - I simply cannot wait to see what comes of it.

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W E A R :: fresh cuts

d e t a i l s :: dress/free people, leggings/olsenboye, shoes/sam edelman, scarf/urban outfitters

Weather in Texas is confusing. One day it's freezing and I have ten layers on and then there's pleasantly cool days like this weekend. I wish it was a cool 65 every day.

In other news, I got my hair cut. Can you tell?? Probably not. It was only a trim. I have to be honest, I hate getting my hair cut and I don't do it nearly as often as I should. I just love having long hair and so to lose an inch or two is just painful. Anyone else hate haircuts?

xo. mel

W E A R :: lucia

details :: dress/free people, sandals/american eagle, swimsuit/h&m

These are the last photos from Saint Lucia I have to share. I still can't believe we were there just three weeks ago! I am currently wearing a scarf and sweater, with my heater on in my office and it's 30 degrees outside... Basically I am living vicariously through these photos. Here's to wishing it was warmer!

xo. melisa

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W E A R :: vaykivay

 details :: dress / free people, sandals / target, hat / purchased in St Lucia

It was so much fun to spend a week in the Carribean - especially when it's getting so chilly here at home. I was so happy to finally get to wear my Free People Balneario dress! It was the perfect beach dress and quite possibly the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my body. 

We're headed to Austin this weekend to take our student to Youth Convention. Basically it'll be an insanely wonderful and exhausting weekend - and I can't wait! Tonight, husband and I will be going to see Hunger Games because, well it's the Hunger Games! hooray!

happy weekend. melisa

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W H A T W E W O R E // engagement two

on her :: dress/free people, sandals & necklace/american eagle, bracelet/vintage
on him :: shirt/american apparel, pants/urban outfitters, shoes/aldo

This is probably my favorite set from the photos. I feel like they just capture "us". I don't know if it's normal but we're just about two weeks away from the wedding and the initial shock of "Oh my gosh this is real! I'm getting married!" still hasn't worn off. I know I should probably be stressed and freaking out at this point, but I'm really not... In fact, I may be more stressed about the fact that I'm not stressing. Either way, I'm getting married in 16 days and it's gonna be awesome because whether it rains, or the flowers don't show up, or I trip and fall, I'm leaving that place with a husband and that's all I want for. And of course I hope NONE of that happens. Although, I have been told by many brides, that something always goes wrong. I'm interested to hear if it's true. Did you run into any hiccups at your wedding? Any fun stories to share??

xo. melisa

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W E A R :: well balanced

details :: top/ free people, jeans/ h&m, shoes/target

Lately I've been attempting to master the magic of balancing. This is for sure one of the busier seasons of my life. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I'm trying to prioritize and balance those priorities for the day to day. So far it's proving difficult, but possible. I think my favorite thing to tell myself during moments like these, is - it's only a season! Knowing that there is an end, and the end will be good, gives me such peace. 

Here's to a productive week!

xo. melisa

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