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There have been a few changes here on the blog lately - some that are noticeable and some that are a little behind the scenes, so I thought I'd mention one that I'm most thrilled about. 

I'm excited to share the new Pie N' the Sky design page with you! I'm offering new packages as well as all new design elements in the A La Carte Menu! You can see everything on the design page. For more info you can always email me too. 

Above, are a few new designs I finished up for Jes, Megan, and Juli this past month. I love working with such creative and inspiring young women! If you're interested in a new design, I'd love to work with you! I'm currently taking three clients a month and offering a 20% discount for this month! Yay for discounts!

Lets work together!!

xo. melisa

now accepting design projects

I have done blog design work for a little over a year now, and I'm really excited to finally have more time to devote to it. I will now be accepting three design jobs a month. Having this set schedule, will help me stay organized and devote the time and energy each job deserves. If you are interested in having graphic design work done for your blog, lets talk! You can get some info on pricing and such here, or you can email me for more details!

So excited to work with you lovely ladies. Every time I design for someone, it's really like making a new friend and I love meeting all of you! Hope you're week is going great!

xo. melisa

"beauty in the simplest of things" download

You can download yours here.

I love to create. I've been trying to think of a way I could use my creativity in a way that all of you could enjoy. I've decided to start posting downloads for you! If you're anything like me, you like to change up your computer space with pretty new desktop backgrounds. So, in honor of my new Simple way of life, I give to you the "Beauty in the simplest of things" desktop background. I'm very excited for this fun little addition to the blog. Soon, I will be adding a button where you will be able to search all downloads. Hope you enjoy!

xo. melisa

A Post About Random Goodness

Last night was so amazing. Let me tell you why...

Last night the Mr and I, along with youth leaders and church family, launched our student ministry SPARK! For a little less than a year, we've been growing this ministry; taking it from small groups, which at first meant three students in a living room with a bunch of leaders, to 93 at last night's Launch Service. God is amazing. When I try and understand incredible things like that and how they possibly could've happened, and how I actually get to take part in, I'm just blown away at how good God is. We couldn't have done it without Him, without Elisha's obedience and willingness to do whatever it took, without  the time, energy and constant devotion from our leaders, or without the constant prayers of every one of our leaders and church family. I'm just so grateful. What takes my awe of God to a whole other level is that I know that I know, that this was just the beginning. We're only getting started.

I got home after the long and glorious night of wonderfulness only to find that I could not sleep. like for the life of me it just was not happening. So I did what any sane person would do; I sat up in my bad, grabbed my laptop and started to work on a design project. I designed and designed until I finished an entire new layout, for the most darling girl ever, at about 6am. I was so proud of my work though. The kind of proud where you step back and say, "yeah, I did that!" knowing how many hours you put in, how much sleep you lost and how it's all worth it because somehow you brought to life a look, an idea, a brand, that once did not exist, but now does. If you'd like to see the full design or you're in need of some yummy recipes, hop on over to Whipped!

This was not last night, but it's still something I'd like to share. As I've stated previously, I have pretty insanely talented friends. They're so talented and that a few of them decided to go and make an album. They're cool like that. They're called Animal Family Singers and they're pretty great. They just released their album and it can be found on iTunes, so yeah... go give it a listen!

That's my random post of fun and exciting news and stories. Keep in mind I'm running on four hours of sleep and my brain usually requires eight to function properly; so I guess I'm at 50% batter life right now. OH before I forget, have you taken a look at the lovely new faces on the left sidebar?? You should! They are pretty faces and they have lovely blogs/stores. Won't you go say hi to them?


The Graphic Design Shop

Well lookie there! I have decided to start a little side project for bloggers who are in need of a little design help. I know how confusing things can be at first and to be quite honest it can be a bit overwhelming as well, so that's why I want to help! I've created a little design menu here where you can pick and choose what you may be in need of. I really wanted to create a menu that was affordable and easily understood. This is a really great resource for those of you who are maybe just now starting your blogging adventure, or for those who may feel like they're somewhat in a rut and want a fresh start, or just maybe need a little blog facelift of sorts;)

If you don't see what you're looking for in the menu, email me and maybe we can figure something out! If you would like to place an order or if you have any questions at all, feel free to send me an email at Melisaholguin@gmail.com 

Also, if you'd like a peek at my work, I just completed a blog design here and I've also done all of the work here on my blog! Looking forward to this new little adventure and hope you'll want to take part!


Also, here is the winner of the saweet Honey Pot Giveaway!! Thanks so much to all who entered! Chelsea, please email me with your shipping address!