I know the struggles of living in an apartment: smaller space, unable to do renovations, and not enough freedom to make changes or updates... It can be difficult to really make your apartment feel like a home, but after several years of living in an apartment space, I have a few tips that might help make your apartment feel more like home. 

1. Get Cozy | Blankets are the perfect way to feel cozy in a home! I don't know about you, but a good, warm blanket can instantly make me feel more relaxed. If your husband is anything like mine, then your space is probably kept at a pretty cool temperature, so a blanket might be just what you need. Not only are they practical, but they make great decoration. We have a white (faux) fur blanket that we got from Pottery Barn as a wedding gift. I love love this blanket! I think it looks great on our simple grey couch, and Gretchen loves to cuddle on it during the day.

2. Create a Signature Scent | Growing up, my home always smelt like cinnamon; this was my mom's signature scent. So now, no matter where I am, if I smell cinnamon, I am instantly "home" and comfortable. Find a scent that makes you feel comfortable, that makes you feel happy or joyful, and fill your home with it! Elisha and I love our Volcano candles from Anthropologie, which we used in our wedding. I also really love vanilla scents and have a few varieties in our bedroom.

3. Personalize Your Decor | Nothing will help make your space feel more like yours, than a little personalization. I got this Happy Home Pillow and this Vibrant Diamond Wave Pillow from Tiny Prints, and I love the little touch of personalization that they add to our home. It also really focuses our home on family and that makes it so much more special!

4. Share Memories | It's obvious that I'm a huge fan of photos, but with instagram and Facebook storing all of our photos, we can easily forget to actually print some out! I love being able to display important photos of special moments and loved ones. One of my favorite pieces is this canvas print of me and Elisha from our engagement photos (this was also the cover of our wedding invitation!).  

5. Utilize Your Space - As I mentioned before, apartments don't always have the most space, so it's important that you make the most of what you have. I wouldn't say that our style is fully minimalistic, but we do like to keep our "stuff" to a minimum. I like investing in pieces that I know we will treasure and keep for years. It's easy to get swept up in trends, but be true to yourself and find pieces that define your style and help to shape your home's personality.

Other ideas not previously mentioned: plants, pets, unique finds, thrifted pieces, warm lighting, handmade items, and storage. These are a few other things I have focused on. Just remember to have fun with it! Your home may not be featured in a magazine, it may not look like everyone else's, but if you feel happy, rested and "at home" when you're there, that's all that matters! 

I love seeing how other people style their homes. If you all do a home tour, I would love to take a peek! Leave a link below so we can all visit! 

xo. mel

N E W S P A C E :: living

I'm happy to finally share a little peek into our living space! It's not completely finished, so I'll share a whole tour once we finish the details. The Christmas tree has since been put up, but our walls still need some photos. And I completely forgot to photograph our entertainment center, which is maybe one of my favorite pieces in the living space. I'll share it in the tour. Have you recently shared a post with your home? I'd love to see it - share a link in the comments below!

details :: loveseat/target.com, couch/dillards, rug/ikea, shelf/handmade, bottles/diy from wedding, coffee table + entertainment center + lamp + mirror/pottery barn, side table/vintage, record table + pillows/target, candles/anthro, art prints/ Ginably

xo. melisa

Home Sweet Apartment // A Peek

It's about time I share with you my home! I don't feel like it's quite complete yet, so for now here are a few peeks of my favorite spaces. Oh, and be warned, there's lots (&lots) of photos. 

The material in the last one are some of the new vintage (oxymoron?) sheets that I've acquired. They will soon be turned into pretty things. SO there you go, a little peek into the nest. I hope to show you more soon, as it continues to becomes a little home.


Paint It Pretty

The other day, Whitney and I went to IKEA. I love love IKEA and my favorite part is getting to the end and rummaging through the "as is" section. This time I came across a random piece of wood that I assume was a part of some type of table or entertainment center. It had a few minor scrapes, but it was in fine condition, and for only 3 dollars, I knew I could make something pretty of it. So, I decided to paint it pretty.
I took Elsie's idea and made it my own. I chose lyrics from a song the Mr and I love and painted it on the piece of wood. If you don't have the best penmanship, you can use stencils. Fortunately the piece I got had little holes in the back, perfect for hanging. The overall project cost me $4.50; not too shabby if you ask me!
This isn't crazy intricate by any means, but it just goes to show that one man's trash is another man's treasure. You can make anything into something special. 

PS: I like that the word 'trumpets' got bigger towards the end because it reminds me of the actual shape of a trumpet!

Weekend Wrap Up: Part 1

So I have begun the hunt for little apartment treasures and Friday I came across some lucky finds. I thought I'd share what I've gathered so far ^_^
 These cute little salsa bowls from UO (only 50 cents each!)

 Mint and teal bowls from Anthropologie (5 dollars each)
Mint bowls from Salt Lick in ATX (my mom got them for me)

 Sweet mint framed mirror from Marshalls (5 dollars)

 The perfect little teal tray from Marshalls (6 dollars)

Cute cute preserves jar from Ross (99 cents)

I just love these authentic glass cups from Marshalls! (5 dollars!!)

I love love a good deal!! Clearly. I like to find things everywhere I shop and slowly collect the perfect decorations. I think I may continue to share my find with you. Would you like that?


Home Sweet Apartment: Kitchen

Oh the kitchen! I love food, I love attempting to cook and failing at baking {despite my best efforts...}, I love mismatched bowls and colorful cups! I love the kitchen. I especially love this room because for whatever reason, whenever my family gets together at my Grandma's we insist on cramming into the {rather small} kitchen and it gets noisy and crowded, but it's so us; I suppose the kitchen reminds me of family^_^ Soooo I don't know how else to say this... I loooove  love the kitchen!
Oh hi way cute cups! I love that they match, but don't all at the same time. Weird fun fact: every year I gift my sister a bowl. They don't ever match, but they're all pretty and special in their own way and they're my favorite thing to eat from when I visit her... is that weird?
Love these little details! That little hand towel is so so pretty indeed! And those cards! Sheesh. I've actually been on the search for the perfect recipe book and/or cards. If you know of any cute ones let me know!
I love fun measuring things! Especially because every time I cook I follow the recipe to a T! The Mr. often makes fun of me for it, but I just don't want to get it wrong!
SO perfect!! Anything teacup has my heart, so that fixture is simply perfection! And wow, that jar is excellent!!

Florals will always have my heart. I love the mix of colors and how you can draw from any of them for appliances, cups, bowls, silverware and other decor^_^
Way cool utensils no?? Yes, definitely the coolest.
And every girl needs a cute apron to wear in the kitchen!! These two are my faves, especially that one on the right!
I know this is the part where I put my can't live without piece, but there's just too many! Is it crazy to pick that little dish towel?? I just think it's so pretty! haha, I'm lame.
As usual, these were all brought to you by the lovely stores of Anthro and Urban! Yay! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!


Home Sweet Apartment: Bedroom

I looove my bedroom. It's where I like to do my crafting and of course it's where I dream. I think your bedroom is where you can best express your personality. I love clean lines with pops of colors and a cozy feel...
This lamp is so so cute!! I love lamps in my bedroom because as I said, I love warm light. Lamps are also great to have by the bed if you're a late night reader like me^_^
As usual, I love little accents. I think it's really the small trinkets that have been passed on in the family or little statement pieces that share your personality to the room, that make the difference...
Ruffles really have my heart this season! I really like big fluffy comforters so it's like you're sleeping on a cloud^_^ The pink one on the top is so so dreamy!
Oh wow! It's always been my dream to have a bedroom so big it could fit a little sofa and this one is just perfect for reading or journaling. le sigh.

Yep, I think these pieces are just great! I found each one at either Urban Outiftters or Anthro. I love their mix of vintage with modern and pretty. 
My one thing I can't live without piece: Pink ruffled comforter


Home Sweet Apartment: Bath

I think the bathroom is often an overlooked room. It's where we freshen up and fix our hair and makeup; it's a place that should look and feel clean and pretty. Here are a few of my finds and suggestions for this room.
I love these little jars! These are perfect for holding everything from bath salts to cotton balls or buttons for more of a solely decoration purpose.
There are SO many pretty shower curtains. I thought these were fun and pretty. They're also a great way to add a little pop of color...
As usual, I firmly believe that the final touch is in the little details. I love these little elements. The candle looks so so pretty and it's a fun accent, and perfect for a relaxing bath^_^ 
I thought these were wicked cute! Not really pretty, but really fun^_^

All of these were found via Urban Oufitters and Anthropologie. I love the style of shabby chiq meets fun and a bit eclectic.
My one thing I can't live without piece: decorative jars


Home Sweet Apartment: Living Room

I really love cozy living rooms. I think the living room is my most favorite room in all the house, because it's the place where you not only have gatherings with your loved ones, but also the room where you can spend quality time with just another, or where you can watch silly shows by yourself or with a best friend that will share your secrets. I love the living room, so I want it to be warm and inviting, but still fun and clean. I love color and creative/inspiring pieces; I think this collection reflects that. I should also note that all of these items were found via Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Let's begin the tour!
I don't approve of the killing of animals and certainly not for the sake of decor, so this cardboard alternative is just perfection. I know for certain that this couch is my most favorite of all the ones I've come across. I really want to save up for it!
I love these curtains because I'm a fan of warm light {because white light gives me migraines} so this cream color is perfect perfect.
This seems more appropriate for more of a gender neutral look. Maybe a mix of this and the teal??
I think this little collection is a mix of both worlds and I must say I love it! That little side table is too cute! I'd love to try and make a lampshade like that one; it's so pretty.
I looove pillows and throws; which surprisingly, I don't have any in here:( oops! Which one is your favorite? 
Rugs are fun if you want to add a little facelift to your room. I like these because they're not overpowering, but they provide more of an accent. The one on the left is perfect for the Mr. He is ever forgetful, but I suppose it's part of his charm^_^
 This would be for more of an entranceway. I reeeallyy like that chalkboard situation. For my to-do's!
This mint is the perfect accent to the brighter teal couch and it ties in the same look of the leather couch; in other words it's perfect. Don't you just love that birdcage lamp?? It's pretty magical.

That's my dream living room; well, something like that. I really like those colors as well as style. My one thing I can't live without piece: Teal Couch


Introducing: Home Sweet Apartment

I believe it's the little things that really make a house a home; you know, the little details that make it warm and inviting. I thought since I will be moving into a little apartment soon {next semester} that I would think up a list for my "dream" apartment. Though I will be lucky to get one or two of these items, it's still fun to dream right?? And, since this list is extra long, I've decided to turn it into a series entitled, "Home Sweet Apartment" and split it into a few sections: Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Bath. I wanted to give y'all a little sneak peek! Hope you enjoy^_^