W E A V E :: 01

I've recently become smitten with weaving! I'd been wanting to try it out for awhile, and I finally saw a tutorial and went for it! I couldn't get my hands on a loom without having to wait a week or two to arrive, so I decided to make one! I loved the process and it's surprisingly easier than I had thought. It does take time and effort, but the results are beautiful. 

This weaving is hanging above our bed. I'll be making more and sharing them here. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase some of them. If that's something that interests you! 

Hope you're week is off to a great start friends!

xo. mel

A W O E :: don't lose heart

I really felt like I needed to send out some encouragement to you beautiful ladies this morning. Sometimes I have some rough days, or weeks, or months, or yes, years! And there's never really anything anyone can say to "make it better", but simply knowing that you're not going through it alone is enough. One of the incredible things that I've come to realize, is that I have been blessed with an incredible community of women. I know that at any given point, no matter the situation, I can find one (or more) friend to talk to. The older I get, the more I realize that not everyone has that. And that breaks my heart. Because as women, however strong we may be (and yes, we are!) we still need someone. We need comfort and we need encouragement and we need to know that we're not the only ones! Ya know? So, I wanted to write you today to say that you are not alone, you're not the only one facing this issue, there isn't something irreversibly wrong with you, you are not the only one feeling this way, you are not too far gone, you can still do it, there is still a plan, there is a way out, and you're going to make it. You may feel broken, or empty, or purposeless, or ugly, or unwanted, or incapable, or unable, but I know that you're whole, made with purpose, beautiful, wanted, capable and more than able of accomplishing big and wonderful things. So don't lose heart my friend. 

I know that my words aren't always the best and it's easy to dismiss just one voice, so I thought I'd collect a variety of different videos and posts that I have found so inspiring! So take a minute and let your heart be full.

Do Your Thing - Spirit and Haven
How Do You Define Yourself - Lizzie Velasquez
On Changing Dreams - Emma Chapman
A Pep Talk - Kid President
Learning As I Go - Always Rooney
Today I'm Old - Wonder Forest

I also find that looking at puppy pictures or listening to a good song, helps me feel good. Chin up.

xo. melisa

** you can read more of my words of encouragement here.

S A Y :: do what you're good at

D O   W  H A T    Y O U  ' R E    G O O D   A T 

I read these words the other day and I haven't been able to shake em. I think somehow in attempt to grow, we try our hand at things and let's be honest, we're just not that good at them. For some reason we continue to do these things, either because we're "supposed to", we feel like "we should be good at this", or simply because we want to "get better". But here's the honest truth, we should stop doing the stuff we suck at and start doing the things we're great at! Not only will our work be more satisfying, because generally we love what we're good at, but we'll create work that is great, instead of creating something mediocre. Find your strengths and build on those. Sure, we should work towards turning our weaknesses into... not weaknesses(?), but more than that, we should capitalize on our strengths. As I write this, I start to question whether or not I even know what those are. That's another thing! Sometimes we focus so much on the things we're lousy at that we don't even realize what we're great at! So, stop what you're doing (but finish reading this first), grab a pen and paper, or pull up pages, or grab your phone and open up notes - write down your strengths. For some it may be easy, but I'd venture to say a few of us will stare at our blank page for a moment or two. When we know our strengths and stop trying to "fit in" and be something we're just not, it's so freeing! Instead of being a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, stressing ourselves to be great at something we were never even intended to be good at, we can just simply be who we were created to be. We were all created with brilliant thoughts and ideas, filled with gifts and talents, brimming over with potential, so... what are your strengths? 


Forgive me for a moment, while I air out some of my current frustrations with the world. What happened to loving ourselves? When did it become so normal to not be ourselves? What if we stopped judging ourselves and putting the blame on others? Because that's what happens isn't it? We say that others will find us repulsive if we don't wear makeup, or others will look down on us if we're not dressed a certain way. But that's mostly just talk and the root of it is in our heads. 

What if we started to own our face; the one we were born with, the one that resembles our mother's and her mother's. What if we learned to love it, short eyelashes, dark circles, sparse eyebrows and all. What if we looked in the mirror and saw all that was right, instead of all that is wrong. What if we stepped out the door with courage and boldness, not worried of how we would be perceived, but insisting that the world begin to see us for who we truly are.

What if we decided we had had enough and this became our new way of life. Would there be fires and panic? Would the world soldier on? Yes, it would do just that. And women from all around the world would lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. Comparison would no longer be an issue, and insecurity would no longer be a way of life. 

I understand that this is no small feat, but it is a goal. One that I believe we should all seek to achieve. I believe in a day where women will love themselves and not be accused of being conceited. I believe there will be a day when beauty is not measured by numbers of height and weight, but by the smiles she gives and the kindness she shares. I believe in a world where women look different and it's not just accepted, but it's applauded. Where you can look at yourself with excitement in knowing that you are not like any other out there; that you are you and that is not simply enough, but it is everything. 

I'm no longer buying into the ideal. Because "ideally", I would not fit into a specific size, or have hair a certain length, or wear a certain brand, but "ideally" I would simply learn to love myself the way I am. Every day you have the choice to be swayed by the opinions of others, thus hiding yourself under excuses - "oh it's just a bad hair day", "I didn't have enough time to get ready", "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night" - or, you can own up to who you are. We are fatally flawed, but it's our flaws that make us so perfect - they set us apart and make us unique. Without the very things we seek to rid ourselves of, we become less and less. 

Stop shrinking ladies. Stop saying you're not enough. Stop forcing yourself to stay quiet. Stop hating yourself. Love yourself. Stand up straight. Wear the clothes you feel great in. Speak your mind. Have an opinion. Share your views. Seek opportunities. You are worthy and deserving of a beautiful life. Stop believing that you are small and insignificant. You are more. You are more than what you do on a daily basis. You have more voice than you let yourself use. You have more personality than you let yourself share. You are not defined by your looks, your wardrobe, your pay or the car you drive. You are more. You are already who you want to be, you simply have to give yourself the permission to be you. 

And that's all I have to say for now.

xo. melisa

BE WELL :: define your year

" I T ' S   O F T E N   T H E   S M A L L   T H I N G S   T H A T   N O   O N E   S E E S   T H A T   R E S U L T S   I N   T H E   B I G   T H I N G S   T H A T  
 E V E R Y O N E   W A N T S  "


I heard this quote the other day when Elisha and I were listening to his sermon. I haven't been able to get it off my mind and I love how it's made me start to see this year. If we can make small changes throughout our year, they will begin to reshape our lives and ultimately make a big difference. Seems pretty basic, right?

Well, I've decided to take the challenge and furthermore, define this year with one word; shift. I chose shift for several reasons. First off, I've had some good years and some pretty rotten ones, but I feel like I'm come to this place where I've been through the fire and God has been refining me. I feel as though I know who I want and should be, and I'm no longer leaps away, but in need of a ton of tiny adjustments. In my mind I imagine a rock covered in tiny rough edges, this year I want to smooth those edges out. I don't feel as though i'm headed down a terrible path or anything, but I do think the path could stand to be straighter (it always can). I believe little shifts in how I think, what I say and what I do, will make a big difference. Straightening up in one area, shifting my way of perceiving situations and others, stepping out of the way for God to move… these are just a few things that will help me to Shift, this year. So, instead of resolutions, lets pick a word - a word that will inspire, encourage, motivate and help us not only to accomplish goals, but to become better women. Write it down, stick it on your mirror, make it your wallpaper, get it in your head and in your heart. This year I'm going to shift.

Are you on board?! What's your focus going to be on this year? Share your word with us in the comments below!

xo. melisa


This morning I woke up a little earlier then I normally do. I had some extra time so I headed to the living room and curled up on the couch.  It's pretty chilly out so I grabbed my blanket and let in the morning sun. It was so quiet and calm. I began to reflect on these last few months and became so thankful - overwhelmed by this season in our lives. After months and years of ups and downs, I felt like I was on one of the ultimate ups. One of my biggest dreams of being a wife had come true, I was sitting in our very own space that we have come to call our home, I have a job that I love, I've gotten to spend so much time with family this last month, with the promise of a dog in the near future. life is good. It's not perfect, there are daily struggles, and even larger obstacles, but gosh life is good. Today I am full of thanks. It's nice to just sit in silence and take in all the goodness of life, isn't it?

xo. mel

Dreaming of Fall

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It may still  be 90 degrees outside and I'm currently wearing a tanktop and sandals, but I'm still hopeful for a wonderful fall! I know that some people are already fully embracing fall weather, but I'd say we have a few more weeks to endure here in Texas. I'm dreaming of chai, scarves and boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice and tights! Yes, it'll be here soon and I can't wait! What's your favorite part of fall??

xo. melisa