Sponsors and their loveliness

I love strolling on over to my sponsor's pages and seeing what they're up to. And in case you haven't been over to see them lately, here's what you've been missing...
I thoroughly enjoyed this little home tour that Mindy shared! I just love Christmas; especially seeing everyone's unique decorations.

Simply adore this outfit post by Amy. She's just darling. I really can't express how much I enjoy reading her blog!

This workspace. I die. Lula is amazing.

Ummm... can we just marvel at the awesomeness that is Lindsay's new blog look?? Love!

I love love this feature from Scathingly Brilliant! So cute!

From thanksgiving, but I still, I can't get over how cute these photos are!

Love love love this new feature Savannah is doing! I'm going to be featured in one too!!

SO happy to see how well Hue & Hum's Christmas album did!! I personally love it and if you haven't already purchased yours, you're going to want to do so^_^

Loved this sweet DIY from Janee!

I enjoyed and empathized with this post. Mostly because I am so so happy to be out of school. le sigh.

Christmas. Family. That dog. I loved this post. That dog!

These instagram coasters are such a great idea! I may have to snag some for my sister!

This outfit from Stephanie looks so comfy and cute!

I'm totally digging this box

It is now two in the morning and I'm nothing but inspired. I'm not quite sure why I do this to myself, but making this post was well worth the missed sleep. Mostly because I believe in these girls and want you to see what they're about. Mostly because I need some extra inspiration every now and then. And mostly because I really do mean every word I just said about their posts, mostly. Sweet sleep!


sponsors and their loveliness

Can we all just take a moment to talk about how incredible my sponsors are?? Yes, lets. In the last two years, this little blog has grown and grown and I have been so fortunate to welcome new sponsors each and every month. I love love making new friends and I truly do consider my sponsors to be my friends. I love reading their blogs and visiting their sites, so I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite posts from their lovely little slices of the blog world. So here we go.

How Adorable is Kara and how crazy cute are her new tees?? I really want the "free" one!

Can we talk about how amazing Savannah's new lookbook is?! Oh my stars, I am just smitten with her styling! sheesh.

Lindsay shared an extremely inspiring book on her blog that I do believe I must purchase. But really.

Kind of really in love with this DIY that Janee shared. I love glitter and I love animals... project done!

So I love my new Pie N' the Sky laptop decal, but I'm also totally digging this narwhal. Yes, I said digging. 

Sooo I love Caitlin, and seriously, I love love her dog! Look at that face! He doesn't even look real he's so darn cute. She has had some seriously awesome posts, like the one where she talks about her new Christmas album with Hum (hooray!), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a photo of little Albus here. 

I reeeeally really really like this bag. Really.

Well I enjoyed looking through Lauren's post on her obsession with clouds. Mostly because I too enjoy looking at clouds, but really who doesn't? I for one have never heard anyone say they hate clouds. Probably because that would be absurd. Mostly.

I am just smitten with this pretty ruffled headband. Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and happy that it's Fall??

eeeee! I love love love this post that Sarah did! SO inspiring; I can't wait to do something like this with my old photos.

How adorable is Lauren in this What I Wore post?? So cute.

Love this DIY by Gina on Acute Designs ^_^

Still can't get over how sweet and pretty Allison's engagement photos turned out^_^

Love these shorts that Stephanie is sporting in this What I Wore post. I need some scalloped shorts.

They are all pretty great, just sayin... I know I'm biased and all, but I really do have some pretty remarkable sponsors ^_^ Thank you all for making Pie N' the Sky a little bit prettier! 

Hope you will go and visit them and say hi! Have a swell Wednesday friends!


Sponsor Intro & Farewell

In case you hadn't noticed, I have some of thee best sponsors ever! Since Fall is just around the corner I wanted to know what they're favorite thing about this new season is, so I asked, and they answered...

Aren't they just the sweetest?? I'm so happy they were a part of the Pie N' the Sky family this month, it was so much fun working with such inspiring ladies. As this is some of their last days here on le blog, so please go say hi to them; all of their links are  over here to the right----->
So what's your favorite thing about Fall???


Meet The Sponsors // Part 3

Now for our last batch of replies from our sponsors! Thanks so much girls for sharing 
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I love my sponsors! If you've haven't already taken a stroll over to their shops & blogs... well, let's just say you're missin out! Hope your day is filled with sunshine!


Meet The Sponsors // Part 1

This month we have been so blessed to have SUCH incredible and inspiring women as our sponsors. This month we asked the question: What are three things on your bucket list? These are their responses...

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Such lovely things to get done^_^ Thanks so much girls! These are just the first round of sponsors; because we have quite a few, I decided it would be best to break them up a bit. Our next round will be later today. 


Meet The Sponsors // Part 2

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Thanks so much sponsors!! What great advice you all had to share with us! I feel so lucky to share this space with such lovely and sweet girls! I love my sponsors; if you haven't already, please go say hi! Thanks so much!


Meet The Sponsors // Part 1

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Thanks so much sponsors!! Please go visit each one of them and tell them how sweet they are. They are each such incredible young ladies and I feel so blessed that they're apart of my little blog. Thank you sponsors! I'll be sharing the next set of sponsors later today! ^_^

PS: I'd also like to point out that you have until midnight tomorrow to sign up for the Shabby Apple Dress giveaway!!