le vintage

The other day I treated myself to a little vintage shopping. I was so pleased with my findings. I love how delicate and pretty vintage pieces can be. I think it's extra special when the things in your home have a story. 

I also purchased two rings which aren't photographed, but I'll share soon. I like to think of my daughter going through all of my jewelry pieces in years to come, asking where I got each one. It makes picking out special pieces even more exciting!

I have big plans for the scrapbook you just saw! I haven't taken any photos of it yet, but a transformation has occurred and I just can't wait to share it with you!

I'm off to camp for the week so if the blog seems a bit quiet for a few days, no worries, I shall return! Five days, car rides, crazy games, late nights, hundreds of teenagers... I'm bound to have some stories^_^

Happy Week!

Bow My Goodness

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the new bows have arrived!! New patterns, colors and textures! My favorites are the new leather bows^_^ In honor of the holiday season, enjoy 10% off your order when you use the code "BOWMYGOODNESS12" now through Sunday! Headbands and other pretties will be added throughout the week!! Head on over to the shop and take a peek!

Here are a few sweet girls sportin' their Pie N' the Sky accessories! I've been meaning to share these for quite some time. Aren't they all so pretty??
We're halfway through the week and there are more shop updates coming! Hooray! I've been working tirelessly, but once I get everything into the shop, it will all be worth it! Hope you find a bow to love!


What I Wore // Dressing Room Edition

You know when you go shopping with friends and you go to the dressing room to try stuff on and then come out and show your friends and they say yay or nay...?? Well, this weekend my friend wasn't outside my dressing room, so I had to make the choice by myself. I did however think it would be fun if you guessed what I got (or should've got)! So I took these photos of each outfit I tried on at Anthropologie. I will tell you I purchased 3 items. Now you guess which ones!!
<< This is what I started out in... >>

<< The Arrow Skirt >>

<< The Sweet Sixties Skirt >>

<< The Wool Cape >>

<< The corduroy Flares & The Feather Shirt >>

<< The Patterned Pretty Dress >>

<< The Roja Dress >>

Oh, and ps, I named all these myself, so in case you try and find them they will have a different name, ha! Okay, so which three do you think were the winners??


Wish List // For Her

As my birthday is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make a wish list. These are things I've had my eye on for quite some time and if I just got one, that would be perfecto!

The perfect Coach purse

A pretty white ipad... Actually I should've made this a new laptop, but I can't help but think these things are so cute!

The perfect Summer Dresses

The prettiest eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay

Cute cute shirts

I love dreaming up wish lists! I think if I get anything, it'll be those cute mint headphones and eyeshadows^_^ The Mr has his birthday coming up at the end of July so I thought it would be fun to do a his and her wish list. I really like getting present {who doesn't??} but I reeeally love giving gifts! I can't wait to share what I got the Mr. When is your birthday and what's on your wish list??


Style Crush // Jeffrey Campbell

Jeff Camb

1.) NA nelly.com 2.) $170 solestruck.com 3.) $120 solestruck.com 4.) $305 nelly.com 5.) $160 lorisshoes.com 6.) $160 solestruck.com 7.) $120 modcloth.com  8.) $160 solestruck.com 

It's no secret that I love shoes, but I really love love Jeffrey Campbell shoes! These are just amazing. They're so tall and I'm already so tall that I fear me in one of those would just be a disaster, but maybe one day?

I think number one is my favorite! Which are yours??

I'm back home from a lovely vaca in Houston. It was so good to see my family and spend time with my Mr. I'll hopefully be able to upload some of our photos this weekend. yay. Tomorrow I'm going to a flea market with Kalli & Kelsey, then later to a show with the Mr. at a local coffee house; Branden is playing for a benefit. See, now you know who all of those people are. hooray! I am sleepy now, so I'm going to fall asleep to some hulu. night.