Preparing for the Holidays | featuring Hallmark

I know, I know... it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and here I am talking about Christmas! Well this post truly covers both. I know how busy and hectic the holidays can get; roadtrips to visit family, Christmas shopping, home decorating, and not to mention all the regular to-do's. So, in an attempt to be better prepared this year, I partnered with Hallmark, to share my short list with you!

1. Relax. Yes, I know this one seems obvious, but let's get real - it is the hardest one to do! Some of the ways I like to unwind are by reading, vegging out on Netflix, taking bubble baths with a LUSH Bath Bomb (yes, please), reading, drinking some tea, or of course by eating chocolate. Because chocolate makes everything better. I found this Crafters & Co. peppermint bark at Hallmark and Elisha and I seriously can't stop eating it - it's like Christmas in your mouth!

2. Start your shopping NOW. As often as I set out to do this, most years I find myself running from store to store, like the two days before Christmas. Be intentional with your time, and it'll allow you to be more thoughtful in your giftgiving. Sometimes ordering online can take longer than expected, so getting a head start will definitely work in your favor. If you need a quick gift idea, I found this sweet sweatered Mug at Hallmark the other day. I bought it for myself, but this would make an easy gift for a friend, teacher, or even as a stocking stuffer!

3. Make a list. Lists always give me the perspective I need. sometimes we feel like we have a million things to do, but if we write them out, we can see that we actually have 20, very reasonable tasks to accomplish. Make a list of to do's and don't forget to make a wishlist too!

4. Create a schedule, and stick to it. As much as I love my lists, I love my planner even more! I wear a lot of hats, as I'm sure you do too, so it is very easy to forget or overplan if I don't write it all out. Be sure to schedule in the big events, but also make certain you write out time to relax, and stick to it! Your well being is important!

You've got this ladies!! And if all else fails, just sit on the couch and sip some tea - I promise, it'll all get done! I shared this short video on YouTube too, if you'd like to take a peek! 

xo. Mel

N E W S P A C E :: bedside + Kleenex Style

Since (mostly) finishing our living room decor, I've decided to devote my attention to our bedroom. My hope is to create a space that is peaceful, beautiful and calming. After a long day at work, it's nice to have a place for relaxation; our bedroom is sort of our retreat after all. My hope is to share the space piece by piece as we work on it. Here are a few of my bedside essentials:

flowers :: I love having fresh flowers by my bedside! Not only do they bring a pleasant smell to the space, but they seem to brighten it up. I picked these up at the market the other day and I'm just smitten with that purple color. They've got me in spring fever, that's for sure!

candles :: for the last two years or so, I've become completely obsessed with candles. Elisha has actually put a cap on my candle purchases until I use the ones we have, ha! I just love them - their smells, the pretty jars they come in, and how peaceful they can turn any room. Any time I've had an extra long day, I love to come home, light the candles and just sit and breathe them in. They're just so therapeutic, so naturally I need at least one at my bedside. My current favorite scents are Volcano and Crane Flower from Anthropologie.

books + magazines :: I love to read, so it's nice to have some good reading material by the bed. Sometimes I like to read to help me fall asleep at night and it's helping me reach one of my goals! I'm currently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling and Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Melton. What are you reading? 

Kleenex :: When I moved to Texas 6 years ago, I developed allergies. They're something I've had to deal with each season, so having Kleenex by my bedside is an absolute essential. I recently purchased a few boxes from the new Kleenex Style Studio Line, and I love the fun designs. It's great having cute boxes that fit your style and don't take away from your decor, but actually add to it. They recently launched this new line; I love the one with the sweet owls!

perfume :: I usually shower at night and I love spraying on my perfume before I go to sleep. It's something my Mom always did and I never thought it was strange until my sister pointed it out. I just love going to bed feeling clean and smelling pretty, so sue me!

lipbalm :: I think everyone has lip balm on their nightstand. It's a must.

blankets :: I'm a blanket junkie. There, I said it. I have way way too many, but I'm not even sorry. I love blankets, I love being warm, and they're the best! Of course, I have two by my side... ya know... just in case. 

So, does your bedside look like mine? What are some of your staples?

xo. melisa

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