M A K E :: cord planter

It's no secret that I love plants. In fact my instagram is primarily a feed of Gretchen, plants and nice words. I got this plant a few weeks ago and decided to make my pot, instead of buying a new one. This diy is definitely budget friendly and pretty dang easy if I do say so myself. 

S U P P L I E S :: rope/chord , hot glue gun , planter

1 / Start by gluing down one end of your chord to the bottom edge of your planter. 

2) Continue to wrap your chord all the way around the planter. you can use the same chord or alternate colors, by cutting smaller lengths of another color chord. Be sure to glue down as you wrap and snip any loose edges. If it frays, it's okay, it'll add character!

Yes, it is just that easy! I love how it adds a different texture to our living room. If you decide to do this diy, as always, leave a link below for us all to see how it turned out! 

xo mel

M A K E :: Wall Hanging II

Well I had so much fun making the copper wall hangings that I had to make one more variation! This time I opted for a different shape and color, but I love the result. This project is budget friendly and can be completed by anyone with even the slightest crafting ability. Like, it's real easy y'all.

S U P P L I E S :: hoops (local craft store), yarn, wire, scissors, beads

1) Begin by cutting your yarn into 24 inch strands. 

2) Using this technique, attach each of your strands to the hoop.

3) As you continue to add them move them towards the center, so they're nice and compact. They should cover the entire bottom half..

4) Attach your beads to the smaller hoop by using your wire, or any other jewelry finding. I used jump rings to allow them to dangle a bit.

5) Attach the rings together using the remaining gold wire. Wrap the wire around both hoops until it feels secure, and then cut off. Ensure that no wire is poking out, by sliding the excess in between the wire you wrapped.

It's a really simple piece, but I think that's why I love it so much! You can have fun mixing colors or styles of yarn and beads too! As always, if you decide to try this out, leave us a link with a photo - I love seeing what you all come up with! 

Happy Weekend! Mel

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M A K E :: copper wall hanging

 photo cover2_zps6973f36c.jpg
 photo 19_zps01f1f53f.jpg
The incredible thing about having a home is that you have this little spot in the world that's yours, a place that God has provided and allowed you to make your own. I love being able to express my creativity in creating art for our home. I look forward to our future children looking at these pieces and cherishing them as treasures as they grow old -- something I can pass on to them that will someday make their own house a home. I have seen so many beautiful weavings on the internet lately, so I wanted to create something with a similar feel. Our walls have been pretty bare since moving into our apartment, and these lovely wall hangings have added just the right touch to our home!
 photo 17_zpsff6d8e68.jpg
S U P P L I E S :: skein of yarn, copper couplings, two wooden dowels, scissors

 photo 16_zps4034bd0e.jpg

1. Gather your supplies. Begin by cutting your yarn into 18-inch strands (this can be adjusted based on the length you'd like the finished product to be).

 photo 15_zpsf71e8eac.jpg

 photo 14_zps583463ec.jpg

2. Once your strands are cut, fold them in half and place the ends through the loop as pictured. Do this all the way across the wooden dowel.

 photo 13_zpsb5005e66.jpg

 photo 7_zps2c693674.jpg

3. Take three strands of yarn and braid them together. Halfway through the braid, tie a knot and place a copper coupling. Tie a knot on the other side of the coupling and continue braiding. Tie each end to either end of the dowel.

 photo 0_zpsbd728308.jpg

4. Place a notebook or piece of cardboard atop the ends of your wall hanging. Use this as a guide to trim the excess yarn and create an even line.

 photo 11_zps96ceabc3.jpg
Variation : Use the same technique to wrap the strands of yarn, but cut the strands to be twice as long, collect ten of them together, and then attach.

 photo 00_zps6867a0cc.jpg
Variation (cont.) : pull the strands through the copper coupling and arrange as desired.

 photo 000_zps1bfb6c45.jpg

5. Use string or yarn to create the top hanger by tying a loop around each end and placing the dowel inside the loops. You can also make other decorative hangings by trying out other tying and hanging combinations. Display and enjoy!

I previously shared this post on the Deeply Rooted blog, which you can view here. If you haven't already checked out Deeply Rooted, I strongly suggest you do! I loved their first issue and I can't wait to get my hands on Issue Two, which just became available! Yay!

xo. melisa

M A K E :: fabric hangers

 photo cover3_zpsd893c3fe.jpg

 photo 6_zps3de7f8eb.jpg

I shared this diy a few years back and thought it was time to revamp it and share it again! I love Free People and one of my favorite things about shopping there is their decor and all the sweet details; one of those being their hangers! These are a fun and easy version that you can make in just a few minutes. It's sure to make your wardrobe look nice and fresh!

 photo SUPPLIES_zps800fd27c.jpg

S U P P  L I E S :: fabric / scissors / hangers / hot glue

 photo cut2_zpsf85de7b8.jpg

1) Cut your fabric into one inch strips. Your fabric may have a few wrinkles or folds, but that won't matter.

 photo wrap2_zpsa15727d3.jpg

 photo wrap1_zpsbd3ebca9.jpg

 photo wrap_zpsea845a3b.jpg

2) Place your hot glue at the end of one of your strips and place it down at the tip of your hook. Begin to wrap the strip around your hanger. Once you reach the end of your fabric strip, glue it down and start with a new one. Yes, it's just that easy!

 photo 2_zps84f910cd.jpg

 photo 1_zps72fa27ef.jpg

I love having these in my closet! The fabric provides a nice grip for tank tops or loose fabrics that would normally slide off. They're also pretty and make hanging laundry just a little more fun (just a little!) Hope y'all have fun making hangers!

xo. mel

diy // doily display

I've been awaiting the perfect project to take on using my favorite thing to collect: doilies! This project is mega easy and is absolutely beautiful when finished!

you'll need:: brass hoops (found at your local craft store), doilies, needle + thread

easy as 1-2-3:: lay your doily inside of your hoop - it should be slightly smaller as it will stretch once you start the process. begin threading through the doily and looping around the hoop. be sure to tie of your thread nice and tight to make sure the tension doesn't make it unravel. you're done!

I finished these in about 30 minutes while watching a show and can't wait to make more!

I'll be moving this weekend and am excited to find a pretty place to hang these! If you do this super easy project, leave a link below - I'd love to see how yours turn out! Theirs so many different kinds of doilies, the possibilities are endless!

Have a sweet night! Melisa


I know I mentioned in my last post that I was gearing up to take part in an art festival this weekend, so I've been trying to get my booth in tip top shape! I already have a necklace holder, that the mr was kind enough to make for me, but I needed even more space for all of my new necklaces. I decided to whip something up, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

slab of wood (I picked mine up at lowes)
stain (I used a shade called Kona)
rag and/or brush

begin by prepping an area to stain. for this piece I decided to just use a rag, because I really wanted an uneven look. although, for another piece I did, I used a brush and it was much more even and clean. I did about three coats of stain; obviously the more coats, the darker it gets, as well as how long you let the stain sit. once your piece is dry, begin to place your nails. I have a lot of different chain lengths, so I wanted my nails to be spaced out at different heights. now you are done and you can hang all of your pretty necklaces!

There are so many ways you can have fun with this diy and customize it as your very own. If you make one for yourself, I'd love to see how it turns out!

xo melisa

12 Days of DIY // hand stamped wrapping paper

This is beyond easy and the result is just perfection! I wanted my wrapping paper to go along with my gift bags so I did this little diy.

   kraft wrapping paper
   handmade stamps (tutorial here)
   stamp pad / paint

1) unroll your wrapping paper to the length you wish to use. 2) using your premade stamps, cover them completely using a stamp pad, or paint 3) begin stamping your wrapping paper in whichever pattern you please. I chose little triangles because they remind me of little trees!

And that's it! Like I said, super easy, budget friendly, and allows you to add a little personality to your gifts! Enjoy!

These last few days have been crazy crazy! You'll have to forgive me for being a little (a whole lot) late on getting these posts up. I can't believe Christmas is only 4 days away!!

xo. melisa

photo diy

My church recently celebrated it's 2nd year & we made the place look extra great for all of the festivities with some different decor. Every year we blow up photos from the last year and hang em from the ceiling. They're fairly easy to make and really add a lot to any event. So whether you're having a birthday or anniversary party, even if you want to spruce up a bare wall in your house - these turned out great and would be a great addition to any decor!

We had our photos printed online here . Since printing them on a thicker board or foam, was significantly more expensive, the mr and I decided to diy. All you need is some spray adhesive, foam board, an exacto knife, and some pretty photos!

Cover your board with spray adhesive and lay your photo on top. Make sure to press out all of the air bubbles! Let it dry for at least 20-30mins then start to cut. This can be a little tricky; if you line up the edges of the photo to the edges of the board when you first lay it down, it'll work the best. This is the most time consuming part, but that's just because we like to pay attention to detail.

All that's left is to hang! We used twine and tape to attach it to the backs of the photos. They looked great^_^

If you decide to try this, leave a link! I'd love to see how yours come out. Hope your week is off to a lovely start!

xo. melisa

photo credit: photos taken at church were taken by Kalli Photography

paint a pumpkin

Currently I don't have my own home, so decorating can get a little tricky, when all you have is a room. I wanted to carve a pumpkin (which I ended up doing as well), but wanted something that would brighten up my room and last longer. I decided to paint some pumpkins and I was so smitten with how they turned out, I had to share!
Supplies // pumpkins (I chose white, so the colors would be true), paint, brushes

1      gather your supplies and get your pumpkins on a surface you don't mind getting a little bit of paint on. 
2      using a pen, outline the pattern you intend on painting. if you're better at free drawing, you go right ahead! i initially tried to tape off the area, but found it tricky since not all the pumpkins were perfectly round.
3/4   start painting! for this pattern I used a black fabric paint that had a point the paint came out of. it kind of worked like a pen, which made painting the lines easier.
5      use the lines that are already there! i used the natural dividers the pumpkin had to paint this one a peach color.
6      all done! super easy and a lot of fun. hope you try it!

if you decide to try this little diy, I'd love to see how it turns out! leave a link below.

string dream catcher diy

This is the next installment of my booth decor. I saw similar pieces in an Anthro window recently and was just smitten. These are super simple to make and create a sort of whimsy to any room, wall, or table!

steps are as follows // grab your supplies which include string (or yarn), cross stitch hoops, & scissors. tie a knot around one of the hoops. proceed to wrap the string from side to side around the hoop. once you feel like you've filled the space, knot the end using a piece of string that's already been wrapped, this will secure it into the piece. all done!

I used these for my booth, but until my next event, they've found a lovely little home in Adrienne's place - I'll share how she styled them soon. 

I also think they would be really great above a bed, if you don't have a headboard, or combined with other pieces to make a baby mobile, or you can use them to hold your earrings! The possibilities are endless.

If you decide to make your own, please leave a link below so we can catch a glimpe and get a few more ideas! Happy crafting!

xo. melisa