a shop update

Well I've done it! I've updated the shop with a brand new section... PRINTS! I'm so excited to share this new season of creation with you. I love creating these sweet cards and prints, and am just thrilled to share them with you! I wanted to make them extremely affordable, and something that I would actually want to use or hang in my home. I hope you like them!

In honor of this new addition (and Christmas, of course!) use the code "OHJOY" to receive free shipping on all domestic orders from now until Thursday!! All orders placed during that time will be shipped out by Friday and should arrive before Christmas!

I'll also be doing custom orders, so feel free to email me if you're interested! I'll also be adding more prints over the next few weeks.

xo melisa 

shop update

After several months of being absent, I have finally updated the shop and I couldn't be more proud of the quality of the items I've created. I really feel like Pie N the Sky is entering a new season and I couldn't be more excited!

I'm also extremely excited to finally spill the beans; Pie N' the Sky will be at this years Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market!!! That's right, we'll be in Austin on Nov. 24th-25th. If you're in the area, put it in your calendars because I love love meeting readers! 

sidenote: if you'd like to order a custom necklace for yourself or a loved one, I'd be happy to create something special for you! You can email me at Melisaholguin@gmail.com

xo. melisa

an update

Hi remember me??

I feel full of lame for not being more present as of late. And I'm sure you're over the excuses, but seriously y'all, working these long days and being in ministry is exhausting. I feel like everyday I get 3 hours to do with as I please, but it mostly gets eaten up by "to do's". I miss having the ability to spend hours just being creative and blogging and taking photos and making lovelies and not being "angry tired". That's a new term I've coined as of late, you know when you're so tired you're just a grumps... angry tired.

So this is me being real. I'm human and sometimes I can't do it all and I grow and I learn to adjust. I know there's a lot of you in the same boat. Have any tips? I've heard quite a few, and heck, I've even written posts about it, but sometimes I wake up or get home and think "I simply have no energy left in me." 

I did manage however, to stay up late last night to finish up some new rings / hair pretties! They came out so great and it really sparked that creativity. It's there, I just have to muster up the energy to make extra time for it. These lovelies are for my upcoming booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin on May 19th!! I simply cannot wait!


shop update

I just finished up with a little shop update. Some of you were asking about these items when you saw photos of my booth, so I thought I'd list a few. You can purchase and view them in the shop! These Geo Rings are definitely some of my most favorite! I love a good statement piece! Hope you enjoy!

Y'all have been ever supportive as of late and as a thank you I made the code "SWEETREADER", you can use it at the checkout to receive 15% off your order. Can't beat that! 

I'm excited to have the day off and enjoy a good date day with the Mr. What do you have planned for the weekend?


a little shop update

I spent the majority of today prepping the shop for an update. I'm hoping to take part in something pretty exciting and we had to get the shop in tip top shape! Here's a little peek at what you might find and if you'd like to make a purchase, hop on over here!

The new arrowhead rings are definitely my favorite!! It's hard not keeping em all to myself! Hope you're having a sweet ending to your week. Yay for weekend!


Bow My Goodness

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the new bows have arrived!! New patterns, colors and textures! My favorites are the new leather bows^_^ In honor of the holiday season, enjoy 10% off your order when you use the code "BOWMYGOODNESS12" now through Sunday! Headbands and other pretties will be added throughout the week!! Head on over to the shop and take a peek!

Here are a few sweet girls sportin' their Pie N' the Sky accessories! I've been meaning to share these for quite some time. Aren't they all so pretty??
We're halfway through the week and there are more shop updates coming! Hooray! I've been working tirelessly, but once I get everything into the shop, it will all be worth it! Hope you find a bow to love!


Kind of like the weirdest feeling ever...

Welp, it happened. I'm a graduate! I have to admit it's the strangest feeling; like I'm happy, but sad, excited, but nervous, all of the feelings I think everyone experiences at this point in their lives. I'm anxious for nothing, but find myself extremely overwhelmed with the peace and promise that God has given me. AH! I can't believe it! haha! Sorry, it hits me every now and then ^_^

I was so happy to spend time with my family and friends. We were able to go out dinner at Pappadeaux where I of course had the crab. I love me some crab. I got wonderful gifts, including the prettiest wool cape from the Mr and a Kate Spade purse from my sister!

There weren't too many photos taken and due to lighting, most came out a little blurry. blarg.

Now that that's all over, I'll be putting a little extra time into Pie N' the Sky and more specifically, the shop! This week I'm hoping to have an update!! It's much needed and I have so many pretty new goodies to share! I know you'll love them and it's just in time for Christmas! Hooray! More details to come. Have a wonderful week!