I waited for this moment for what seemed like forever, so please bare with me because I have a lot of photos to share with you. from beginning to end, nerves and joy, family and friends, mr. and mrs., getting ready and getting down, saying I do and cutting the cake, this was the day of our dreams. 

a few minor details about our day. 
Elisha and I had decided we didn't want to see each other before the wedding. This caused only mild concern for our photographer who wanted so desperately to have photos of us together while the sun was still out. while giving each other our gifts outside, he sneakily orchestrated our photos so that we never actually saw each other, but were still able to get the most perfect shots. One, or both, of our eyes were always closed or looking away. And no, we didn't peek! 
Adrienne and I hand painted, cut and made flowers for our bouquets, using this diy from 100 Layer Cake and Heart of Light on A Beautiful Mess. Thanks for the inspiration girls!
There were 3 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat, 5 ducks and 2 camels on site. Unfortunately none of them got photographed.
My mom crocheted all of the rocks we used for our guest table.
We served hot cocoa and coffee outside during the ceremony - because it was November and unusually cool.
I've never danced so much at a wedding.
thank you so much to every single person who was involved in making our special day exactly what we always hoped it would be. it means the world to us and we love you all! melisa + elisha
Photographer: Frank Del Corral / Venue: Classic Oaks Ranch / Musicians: Animal Family + Amy Noelck / Flowers: Alishia Salmon / Bride's Gown: Vera Wang / Bride's Shoes: Mojo Moxy / Bride's cover-up: BHLDN / Groom's Suit: H&M / Groom's Watch: Invictus / Bridesmaid's Dresses: BHLDN, Etsy, & David's / Flower Girl Dress: Neiman's / Bride and Bridesmaid's totes: ℅ Dream State / Bride and Bridesmaid's Robes: ℅ Laughing Cherries / Centerpiece photos: ℅ Printic App /  Centerpiece wooden photo holders: ℅ Gallery360 / Food Truck: Salsa Limon / Cake: Mary Just / Cake Topper: MelaboWed / Design & invites: Elisha Garcia / Hand Carved address stamp: ℅ Native Bear / Flower Bouquets, wine bottles, crocheted rocks: diy

W E ' R E B A C K

Hi friends! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your families. Elisha and I have been out of town for the last week, visiting both our families back home in New Mexico. It was fun and nostalgic being in the place we both grew up. We hadn't been there for two years, and it's crazy how foreign it becomes when you're away for a given time. But we caught up with family, ate way too much Mexican food and fully enjoyed the time off.

I'm so happy to be back home and get back into a regular schedule again. Forgive the silence here on the blog. I already have some post ideas for the new year, including sharing our wedding photos! We got them an hour before we left to NM and I've been dying to share. If you follow my instagram then you've already seen a peek! 

What was the highlight of your Christmas? Any perfect gifts?

xo. melisa

LE WED :: everything I wish I'd known

Having just gotten married two weeks ago, I thought I'd share a little bit about my engagement experience while it's still fresh. I know of several sweet ladies who are currently engaged and so from one bride to another, here's everything I wish I'd known.


In regards to the dress "Once you put it on, you'll just know" - I can't explain it, but something truly magical happens when you put on The Dress. I tried on many dresses at three locations and many were beautiful, but none were "mine". Once I put on the dress I ended up buying, it was like I was looking at the picture I'd always had in my mind. In that dress I felt like a bride, not like a girl in a pretty dress. So yes, you'll just know. And it'll be an incredible moment that you won't get back so soak it in!

"Something will always go wrong" - yes. Just yes. I know you're thinking (just like I did), what could possibly go "wrong". Everything is planned and I can't imagine something major not working out. Well it happens; in spite of all the planning and precautions, it happens. It was a few things here and there for us, and of course the minor issue of our photographer having to cancel two days before the wedding. Things will go wrong, but SO many things will go right! And the mess ups will find a way of working themselves out, turning your wedding into a dream come true.

"Take in every moment, because you're likely not to remember a thing" - I tried to do this as much as possible because I already know how forgetful I can be and I knew that the stress and magnitude of the day would inevitably only make me more forgetful. I would catch myself just stopping what I was doing to just say "You're getting married!" and then cry, ha! You don't have to do the crying part, but the former is necessary. Let it sink in. This is such a bright spot in your life, that to not take it in to it's fullest would be a shame. 


+ I decided to not wear any jewelry or anything in my hair. Most people felt I should get more "fancy" and wear jewelry because it was a special occasion. I never wear jewelry or put my hair up. I wanted to stay true to myself and I'm so glad I did! Looking at pictures I feel like I look like myself and I love that. That's not to say that you can't be a little more shiny on your big day, but if it totally goes against you and your personal style, then it doesn't have to be for you.

+ We didn't have a "first look". Elisha was pretty adamant about not seeing me before the wedding. He wanted the first time to be when I was walking towards him down the aisle. This was hard for me because we got married when the sun had already set and I really wanted photos of us during the day. Fortunately, we ended up having an incredible photographer who got super creative. Elisha and I were led by my bridesmaids to a field prior to the wedding. We had our eyes closed the entire time and our photographer posed us and we got some exceptional shots. We would take turns looking at the camera, but never actually seeing the other - it was such a fun experience. The moment Elisha saw me and the expression on his face was priceless, so I am SO happy we didn't go with the first look.

+ We stayed true to ourselves. Sure, there's some really cute and trendy ideas floating around pinterest, but not every great idea has to be great for you. Early on I was pretty set on making this wedding about two things - me and Elisha. I wanted everything to convey who we were and celebrate that with our friends and family. So when people asked what our "theme" was or even colors, I'd just say... it's kind of a mix of things. Because we're kind of a mix of things. Nothing really "matched", but it went together because we go together. I'm really happy I didn't jump on any one bandwagon, but created and bought things that we loved, simply because we loved them. And I think in the end it all flowed and people loved it!


+ The little things. There are honestly not a lot of big things I would've changed about the wedding. It was just a lot of little things that sort of slipped my mind in the process. I didn't pack pens. We had our guestbook and advice cards, but I only put out pencils for the advice cards. They ended up getting used for the guestbook and everyone's words aren't as easy to read... I didn't get a chance to finish all of the chalkboard signs that I had wanted to put out...ya know, the little things that really didn't make a big difference.

+ Sparklers. We decided it would be fun to use birdseed for our exit. I made cute pouches (which i'll be sharing a DIY for here in the next few weeks) and filled them with seeds. I thought it was a cute idea because it didn't cause a bunch of "trash" that confetti would create and it was a little different then the weddings I'd been too. Well, in theory, great idea. Actually, it was awful. Not only did people decide it was a good idea to pelt handfuls at our faces, they were so tiny that they got in my dress and in our hair. We spent a good hour trying to get it all out! So, birdseed bad, sparklers, good.


+ Have a plan. Knowing that several things will go wrong, doesn't mean you shouldn't have everything planned to a T. Even setting up Plan B's will be hugely helpful.

+ Hire a coordinator for the day of. Even if it's just a close friend that you trust. You need someone on the day of who will be able to handle the process and answering questions on your behalf. That's why it's best that it's someone who knows you well enough to know what you would want. I'm SO happy I had my dear friend Lydia for our big day - couldn't have done it without her!

+ Go with the flow. Here was my mantra, "at the end of today I will be married" - that was really all that mattered. The rest was fun, and beautiful and exciting, but all that truly made the difference was those two words... I do!

+ Use your resources. If you know someone who has a ton of glassware, ask if you can borrow it. If your friend has an amazing voice, no need to hire a band, just let them do their thing! If you're friend is an incredible artist, ask her to do your invites. We are so blessed with creative and gifted people in our lives that getting everything we needed was so much fun! It makes the wedding even more exciting because people you love aren't just attending, but they're involved.

+ Hand out jobs. If you haven't hired a cleaning crew, then just utilize your bridal party and family. Have a list of everything that needs to get done and assign different people to each job. They will be happy to help and feel like they're able to contribute. 

+ The things you think will matter, kind of end up not mattering. It's funny because the things we poured the most time and energy into, kind of ended up not being the best things about the wedding, or just not really working out the way we thought. For example, our catering was from a food truck called Salsa Limon, from here in Ft Worth. We were SO excited to have the food truck because they were going to actualy be able to drive into the venue and serve from the truck. We love eating there, so it was special for us. After the planning and stressing of having them there, it turned out that the ac on the top of their truck made it too tall to fit in, ha! Day of, it really didn't matter, but it was just funny to think that we thought it would be the highlight and it didn't even come together. But it happens. Just don't get too attached to any one part of the day - except your groom to be!

I am by no means a pro, just a girl who went through it. This was such a wonderful time for me and Elisha. We grew so much closer and really saw how we worked as a team. If your fiance isn't as into the planning portion that's okay too, that's what bridesmaids are for! Which, I absolutely couldn't have made it to the big day without those sweet ladies. And a special shoutout to my sister, the ultimate MOH. But seriously, if she could be a professional MOH, she would make bank - so lucky to have her! Just have fun, take photos of the process, soak it in and enjoy - you're getting married!  If you have any questions about anything leave them in the comments and I'll answer them as best I can!

xo. melisa

L E W E D :: we got married!!

Well friends, it happened... I'm Mrs. Garcia! 

Being married is unbelievable. It's the coolest, weirdest, most natural feeling I've ever experienced. For so long we waited for this day, that to think it's here, like we're living our dream, is just... it's amazing! 

We had the best time on our honeymoon and I can't wait to share photos of our time in St Lucia! If you follow me on Instagram, then you already have a head start! 

We got back from our trip yesterday and it was a whirlwind of unpacking, opening gifts and turning our space into a home. We got through a bulk of it, but there's still much to do. While that would generally stress me out, it's kind of exciting this time around. Lots to get done, but a process and season that I won't ever get back, so I'm soaking it all in!

I still have so much of the wedding decor hanging out in my workspace that needs to find a new home! I put so much time and energy into most of our pieces that I would hate to just discard them. I'm thinking I'll list them on here or instagram (for very reasonable prices) for all those brides looking for a little handmade touch! Would that interest any of you?

I am so happy to get back to blogging! It's been just about two weeks and it feels like an eternity. I have so much that I want to share, photos and posts up the wazoo! I would really love to share a more personal and detailed post about this whole "engagement season", things I wish I'd done, things I'm glad we didn't do, helpful tips, and basically everything I wish I'd known. I know so many brides-to-be that might enjoy this! And if you have any questions, or suggestions on what you'd like to hear about, let me know in the comments!

xo. melisa

W H A T W E W O R E // engagement two

on her :: dress/free people, sandals & necklace/american eagle, bracelet/vintage
on him :: shirt/american apparel, pants/urban outfitters, shoes/aldo

This is probably my favorite set from the photos. I feel like they just capture "us". I don't know if it's normal but we're just about two weeks away from the wedding and the initial shock of "Oh my gosh this is real! I'm getting married!" still hasn't worn off. I know I should probably be stressed and freaking out at this point, but I'm really not... In fact, I may be more stressed about the fact that I'm not stressing. Either way, I'm getting married in 16 days and it's gonna be awesome because whether it rains, or the flowers don't show up, or I trip and fall, I'm leaving that place with a husband and that's all I want for. And of course I hope NONE of that happens. Although, I have been told by many brides, that something always goes wrong. I'm interested to hear if it's true. Did you run into any hiccups at your wedding? Any fun stories to share??

xo. melisa

note :: you can see our first set of engagement photos here.

W H A T W E W O R E // engagement one

on her :: dress/free people, sandals/target, flower crown/handmade
on him :: pants & shirt/urban outfitters, shoes/aldo

I'm happy to finally start sharing our engagement photos with you! First lets talk about how much I love these: I love how handsome Elisha is in his button up, I love that the lighting was superb, I love that Kalli captured our quirkiness, and I love how perfectly they embody "us". Now, let's talk about that flower crown that wasn't even supposed to be in but a few photos and turned out to be the best idea. I had gone to the store the night before the shoot, to pick up some flowers to use as a bouquet for the shoot, but decided to turn them into a flower crown about ten minutes before walking out the door, ha! Some quick crafting happening! I think it turned out okay, meaning it stayed on my head and looked pretty, and I couldn't be happier with how our first set of photos turned out. I'll be sharing more next week!

Today we're moving me into our new home! I am beyond words excited! I can't wait to start nesting and making it a place where we can be us, together. We're still currently looking for a couch and desks. Let me know in the comments below, if you know of any good places we should check out!


footnote: photography by Kalli Carr

L E W E D :: Bridal Shower

My bridesmaids threw me the perfect Bridal Shower this weekend! I was so excited to share such a special day with ladies I love. We sipped a variety of teas and each girl got to keep her cup and plate as a gift! They interviewed Elisha and had him answer questions that they then asked me. Most of our answers were pretty spot on and some of them were just ridiculous. It's a pretty great feeling knowing the man you're about to marry knows you so well... and still loves you! I love that we'll be able to share this video with our kiddos one day. 

Lately, (especially after this weekend) I have just felt so blessed by the incredible people that are in our lives. I was telling Elisha the other day, "we have a pretty cool life, huh?"To which he responded with a "yes!" It wasn't to brag or be prideful, but honestly a very humbling thought. I know that we have worked very hard, that we have been committed and obedient to where God has called us, but in the end, we are rarely deserving of the blessings He gives us. With each day, I learn that more and more.

We are now 37 days away and I couldn't be more excited!

xo. melisa

Footnote :: Photography by Kalli Carr

L E W E D :: invitations (pt. 2)

When it came to our invitations, we knew two things for certain: they had to be special and Elisha was going to design them. I had the idea of creating a "magazine" when we were planning our engagement shoot. I wanted to to be able to tell a story through our photos and really share who we are as a couple. I sent our photographer home with a few Anthropologie / Free People catalogs so she could get a feel for what we wanted our photos to feel like. While gathering them, I thought, "how cool would it be if we created a "catalog" of us?" It seemed a little "look at me and all of my photos", but we figured it was highly likely that our friends and family would want to see them and this way they would have their own copies. I shared the concept with Elisha and he loved it! He totally ran with the idea and created the perfect invitation for us. I love that we were able to share more than one photo with our friends and family, and tell the story of us in the process. The last page is perforated and the envelope comes off, so everything fit like a little package - so perfect. I made the stamp for the return envelope and our beautiful swan stamp is from Native Bear (it has our new address, which I blocked out for obvious reasons) - I just want to stamp everything with it! The beautiful cups featured, were provided by Rosemary Paper Co. As I said, Elisha designed the invites and if you're interested in having him design for you, you can email him here. If you have any other questions about them, feel free to leave a comment below!

Now that our invitations are out and our friends and family get to be fully surprised by the photos; I can share all of our engagement photos on here too! I'll be posting them throughout the next week. 

While getting our invitations all sealed up, it hit me how blessed we are to have such incredible people in our lives. From our talented friends and family contributing to this whole process - photographers, musicians, ministers, crafters and the like - we know some cool people. I'm truly grateful for each of them. I know most people dread writing thank you cards, but I absolutely can't wait to get to them!

xo. melisa

L E W E D : : invitation update

It happened guys! We finally mailed out our wedding invitations and I could not feel more excited! I breathed a huge sigh of relief as we finished them up last night after weeks of creating them. It was such a fun project to share with Elisha; from designing, to printing, to writing and sealing, it truly was a labor of love. Doing all of these wedding projects together only makes me realize more that we make such a great team. And I'm excited to live my life with him. I will be sharing a full invitation story very soon!

In other news, we are now just over 6 weeks away from being wed. The shock of the reality of this has still not worn off. I still catch myself looking down at my ring and thinking, "I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!" and yes, I shout it in my mind. 

We went to visit our venue again and found out that they had just finished building an entirely new building on their property! So we're pretty excited to utilize that space. While we were there it finally dawned on me that we're having an evening wedding, and all those pretty pictures I had in my head with natural light and the sun shining brightly, were actually not going to be real at all. I'm pretty much having a night wedding. I've been having some trouble coming to terms with this, but I'm finally coming around to the idea and embracing the fact that it will be dark. I'm excited to play with light concepts and I can't wait to show you all that the Mr and I come up with! Which by the way, you have no idea how hard it is to try and keep this all a surprise! I want to share everything I'm working on, all of my ideas and inspiration!! Keeping secrets is the worst!

xo. melisa

L E W E D :: invitations

Our biggest hurdle has been our invitations. It was hard to decide what we wanted them to look like. With Elisha being a graphic designer, we were sure that he would be the one to design them. We have a fairly unique idea, so executing it has been a bit more time consuming than expected. They will get out though! They will. 

In the meantime, I've been enjoying all of the lovely invite inspiration I've seen on the internet. These are a few awesome items and shops I came across, in case you're planning your wedding or event! Native Bear and The First Snow are two shops that every bride should look at!

xo. melisa